Media Blackout: Ike Death Toll Hits 51

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As Hurricane Ike’s death toll rises, search teams pull out of Galveston. The few photos released show severe damage ravaged by the storm. I found that National Geographic had released seven photos today. Jake Cantrell has been accumulating online video and other images to compare the extent of the damage since September 13th also. For him this all started as the hunt for Hotel YaYa, his family’s beach house, and trying to put his family at ease. Here is his site for all the Google Earth images, photos and updates.

Vince at Capitol Annex commented that the rumors began bubbling about Perry’s inability to manage the situation.

Dolcefino went on to compare the media’s lack of access to the situation in Myanmar, where the media was denied access to many areas hit hard by disaster there.

In addition, some sources tell Capitol Annex that local government leaders and some legislators have already begun to criticize both the state response and FEMA’s response to Ike, although none of that has been covered by the media yet.

Hurricane Ike flatten Bolivar Peninsula- Raw Video under the fold.

The AP just released a story about the victims getting turned away after sitting in gridlock traffic for hours.

Residents of this hurricane-wrecked island city launched an ill-advised attempt to return to their crippled hometown Wednesday. Traffic backed up for 20 miles along Interstate 45, the one route onto Galveston Island, jockeying for position with utility workers, repair crews and police trying to begin repairs to the city wrecked by Hurricane Ike five days ago.

The task force had checked on almost 6,000 people and performed more than 3,500 rescues since Friday. “I’m happy to see that things are moving there,” said Chertoff, who also reviewed operations at FEMA’s primary distribution center. “We will continue to make sure the flow to the (centers) works uninterrupted.”

His appearance comes a day after local officials complained that supplies were slow in getting to distribution points, and that the entire process had glitches.

Houston still has 1.4 million people without electricity til next week. My thoughts go out to all the families that were affected by Hurricane Ike.

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