McCain’s Supposed Strength

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John McCain has repeatedly said that he knows more about Foreign Policy than he does about the economy.  Well, when it’s politically expedient.  Here’s a reminder:

Yet this morning, McCain again showed not just his inability to know or understand who the friends of America are, but, even when guided by the interviewer, still couldn’t manage to make a coherent statement; he simply repeated his Talking Points du Jour ™; and more belligerence towards everyone, including American allies, in this case, Prime Minister Zapatero of Spain, a NATO ally.

Is McCain confused on who our allies are or is he just refusing to respond to the question of whether he would meet with Zapatero; rejecting Spain AS an American ally?

McCain continually touts his knowledge and understanding of all things foreign, yet consistently makes mistakes on those very policies where he is the supposed expert.

Steve Benen says it best:

McCain thinks the recent conflict between Russia and Georgia was “the first probably serious crisis internationally since the end of the Cold War.” He thinks Iraq and Pakistan share a border. He believes Czechoslovakia is still a country. He’s been confused about the difference between Sudan and Somalia. He’s been confused about whether he wants more U.S. troops in Afghanistan, more NATO troops in Afghanistan, or both. He’s been confused about how many U.S. troops are in Iraq. He’s been confused about whether the U.S. can maintain a long-term presence in Iraq. He’s been confused about Iran’s relationship with al Qaeda. He’s been confused about the difference between Sunni and Shi’ia. McCain, following a recent trip to Germany, even referred to “President Putin of Germany.” All of this incoherence on his signature issue.

I will venture to guess that compared to his running mate, McCain is an expert – in just about everything.  Sarah Palin has problems getting the American landscape right, let alone anything in the foreign arena. It’s a big world out there, Sarah.  Simply being able to see the Russian front from somewhere in your state is far from sufficient to become first in line to the presidency.  FWIW, Iowa doesn’t seem to be impressed.

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