First Presidential Debate Showdown-Friday!

In this corner, Barack Obama at 47–on a surge of momentum-looking confident and poised. In the other corner, John McCain at 72–under intense pressure not to show any hesitation-looks tired and confused.

Barack Obama and John McCain clash on Friday in the first of three crucial one-on-one debates, which have the potential to make or wreck their rival challenges for the White House.

The foes will clash at a rare moment of national peril, with the staggering US financial system spawning a global crisis, the stock market reeling and the life savings of millions of Americans in the balance. Tens of millions of television viewers are expected to tune into the contest, in Oxford, Mississippi at 9 pm on Friday, five weeks before election day.

Who will be assisting Obama in getting ready for the big debate? The Washington Times has the answer:

Preparing Sen. Obama is Ron Klain, who assisted Sen. John Kerry and Vice President Al Gore in the debates. Also, Obama will hole up in Tampa, Fla., where veteran lawyer Greg Craig will play the role of Mr. McCain in practice sessions.

Both campaigns have made an agreement for the topics of this debate.

The first debate will focus on foreign policy and national security, an area where polls show Republican McCain holds an advantage over first term Democratic Senator Obama.
“They will be the first time that these two stand as co-equals and that is a real proving ground for Obama to show that he is a leader and a strong leader equal in stature to McCain.”

After Friday, McCain and Obama will meet in two more debates, on October 7 and 15. Their vice presidential running mates Sarah Palin and Joseph Biden will go head-to-head in a single debate on October 2.

 Here are other crucial dates to remember:

Countdown to the first presidential debate: 4 days
Countdown to the vice presidential debate: 12 days
Countdown to the second presidential debate 15 days
Countdown to the third presidential debate: 23 days
Countdown to Election Day 2008: 43 days
Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 120 days

McCain’s is dispassionate and not in touch with reality, this will become crystal clear to anyone that hasn’t been paying attention. Obama’s enthusiasm and confidence will come shining through. I’m looking forward to watching every minute. I have no doubt he will come out the clear winner, what a pleasure this will be….

13 thoughts on “First Presidential Debate Showdown-Friday!

  1. Happy Mabon all….In reading all the new’s this morning the above little note struck me (hard)..Obama getting advice from Ron Kline who advised Kerry and Gore…Uh excuse me, they both lost….Who advised Clinton.? .. I have a huge headache from all the garbage going in, I need to find a manual to defrag my mind and get all the garbage out..Sorry…Seem’s to me if your training to win one would not go to a previous looser for advise..What the hell do I know….Blessings

  2. I was surprised to see that also witch1. That does not inspire alot of confidence.

    But, I think Obama is such a smart man that this is more to keep him on his toes more than anything and find tune his answers…

    I hope all is well 🙂

  3. Thank’s Freedom, read and love all your post at TP and here..You are indeed a great asset to us all…

    Still above ground and sucking air so that’s a good thing, the headache from all the tinfoil not so good..LOL..

    If I were in Obamas shoe’s I would surround myself with past winner’s only…Clinton with all his fault’s had good adviser’s for the most part and our country was in good shape over all…

    Another troubling thing for me is Obamas right turn and lack of substance in solution’s….He is only going to hold on to his lead and base with actual solution’s and fireing back at the reich…A close win will be lost in another steal…The ad’s mcnut’s is putting all over our air way’s need to be addressed and hit hard….Now mcnut’s is claiming here that Obama’s adviser is one of the failed bank executives….Forgot the name of the guy…Trouble is people like my neighbor are going to vote for pitaful palin because they think she pretty and smart…Yike’s!…Never mind she’s a crazy….Many voter’s will act like teen car buyer’s at an election, if it’s bright red and make’s noise they will buy it, never mind if the engine’s shot and it burn’s oil…Just my rambling…..Blessings

  4. I don’t think it is fair to say that Gore or Kerry lost due to debating. Gore lost mainly because of Clinton sex fatigue. Kerry did not lose. The 2004 election was stolen with voter caging and voting irregularities (of which more and more is coming out all the time vis a vis Blackwell in OH).

  5. True MsJoanne, had the vote’s not been so close perhap’s they would not have been able to rig it..

    Still I think Obama should be doing thing’s diffrently to insure a bigger win…..Blessings

  6. Thanks witch1 for the compliments 🙂 It will be interesting to see who he gets to help prep for the next two debates. If he sticks with the same strategy used in the past or looks for a “change”.

    I hope he weighs in heavy on the bailout. That he makes sure congress takes their time and doesn’t give Paulson any loopholes that he can slink through.

    O/T- I have a Japanese Wisperia tree in the front yard. I’m trying to tame & prune it to grow a certain way. It is giving me one heck of a fight. I’m not sure which one is worse that tree or my rose bushes.

    The rose bushes left marks like I did battle with my cat. LOL Good to see you as always….

  7. Back at ya Dear Ladie’s, I hope Biden hang’s her by her toe’s so the world can see how dirty her pettycoat is..

    Just wrote to EV and about to shut the puter off for the day…Sent out a bazillion email’s to stop the bail out crap, not that it will do any good but I try..

    OT also Freedom…Saturday I loaned a new little neighbor most of my potted plant’s…She was fussing she couldent afford to decorate and buy at the nursery…..Gave her 2 of the baby cedar’s and 3 pot’s of flowering herb’s like lemon balm, then loaned her a big palm and 20 other planter’s of succalent’s, flowering almond, blueberry and heather of diffrent color’s….Will put Osmocote on all of them for her today….Told her she can return some of them when she buy’s a few of her own next summer….If I cross over she can keep them all…LOL…

    My yard is so full of weed’s and remaining plant’s didn’t hardly notice all of them being moved…Was going to have to plant out many of them to the ground’s next spring anyway….I can just look out my front window and enjoy them since she live’s right in front of me…It was a good move…Think I will send off a tiny check to the arbor day thingie and buy some more tree’s now that I gave away and loaned so many to Maria…

    Enough rambling, have a wonderful Mabon all…Blessings

  8. Yep! your also correct gorn…Maybe I should correct the posting and add if we didn’t have so many pretend dem’s that align with the reich we could get our country back….Clearly the reich has had a free ride because we keep getting duped by betrayer’s of our own party…..Piss ant palosi and reckless reid are are just to of the many betrayer’s of the party…I personely think we need to kick all the bad one’s of both partie;s out and start over….There would be few that can pass the stink test these day’s…..Blessings

  9. I have to say, I hope that Obama bring some of his fresh skills to the debate floor, because Gore and Kerry were disappointingly dim at their debates. I don’t know if having the same debate mentor as them is a good thing.

    I’ve blogged about possible games for the debates. Always fun!

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