Fox News: Palin Town Hall was Pre-Ticketed

This from Fox News‘ Jake Gibson:

GRAND RAPIDS, MI — McCain town hall style meetings are generally open to the public where anyone may wait in line on the day of the event and come in without an advanced invitation.

However, at tonight’s 3,500 person townhall in Grand Rapids, Michigan–the first time Palin is taking questions from the public– only ticketholders are allowed in.

The McCain campaign confirms that tonight’s event was advertised on the McCain/Palin Web site and local newspapers. People had to pick up their tickets at local GOP offices after RSVPing for the event.

The Kent County GOP headquarters gave out about two thousand tickets.

The rest came from GOP offices in Ottowa and Kalamazoo.

UPDATE–McCain campaign officials insist that none of the questions are being pre-screened.

Surprise, surprise.

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2 thoughts on “Fox News: Palin Town Hall was Pre-Ticketed

  1. Somebody calling into Rachel Maddow’s radio show (she wasn’t there) suggested that McCain wanted to cancel the debate and then he would suggest they use the time Biden and Palin had scheduled since the Obama and McCain debate was more important getting Palin off the hook.

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