McCain wins Debate!

The word bizarre doesn’t even begin to cover how the McCain campaign presents itself to my eyes. For a minute or two I was taken in by McCain’s announcement on Wednesday. I wondered if this would play out right in American voters’ minds. “Patriotism and putting the country first always goes down well with the American public” I have been told in my political science seminars. But the unbelievably incompetent execution of McCain’s ill thought-out plan and the resulting developments in the race from Wednesday till tonight, the total public disintegration of a presidential campaign within a timeframe that you can still measure in hours, is something I would not have thought possible.

As details are emerging about the dismal performance during the White House crisis meeting, John McCain eats his own words and heads to Mississippi for tonight’s debate with Barack Obama. He can’t not, now that his incompetence is so very obvious and the Democrats have called his bluff. And he is in it to win it. So much so that the McCain campaign has issued a campaign ad claiming McCain had won the debate. A wee bit premature. Not only hasn’t the debate even started yet, the ad already has been published before McCain even announced his participation in the thing.

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19 thoughts on “McCain wins Debate!

  1. (as I posted on TP)


    McCain being rushed off to proctologist in emergency effort to dislodge his head prior to tonight’s debate! Doctors say prognosis is not good.

    Stay tuned, we’ll bring you more details as we get them.


  2. He’s only southpole now. This is really going to be difficult for Obama tonight. If he slaughters him, people might think he’s ungracious. But then, Obama always showed perfect manners.

    What do you think will happen with Palin/Biden?

  3. And yet, the race is still so close. It boggles the mind that over 40% of voters STILL say they will vote for this ticket. No truth can be revealed, no incompetence can be displayed, no scandal can be sprung, that cannot be spun favorably enough for the koolaid drinkers to accept. I think it’s not so much that they believe in McCain, but that they believe in belief. They commit to their belief in belief with their whole mind, body, and soul, so nothing can dent it.

    I guess when you’ve been listening to hatemongers daily for a couple of decades, the brainwashing is nearly complete. Is this the same kind of derangement that paved the path for the madness of Hitler’s Germany?

    At least the Germans had a leader who was charismatic as well as loony. We have Bush, Cheney, and McCain. All loony, no charisma.

  4. I don’t know, Muse. It’s hard for me to understand. Why would someone vote for McCain?

    – “family values” voters should be turned off by his history of cheating on his wife, and ought to be thinking twice about Palin choosing the VP job over mothering her DS infant

    – “fiscal conservative” voters should be turned off by the GOP in general, given the greatest run-up in debt in history and total abdication of fiscal responsibility

    – “judgment” voters should be horrified by the selection of Palin, as well as McCain’s titanic misreading and reversals in the last couple weeks

    – “character” voters should be turned off by the transparent campaign of lies that has been waged, both lies against the opponent and lies in favor of the GOP ticket

    – “foreign policy conservatives” should be turned off by the cowboy policies of George Bush, which would only be amped up by McCain. Used to be, such conservatives believed the purpose of a “firm hand” was to provide the foundation for power diplomacy, not to bully

    What’s left but neocons, racists and religious nuts? I refuse to believe that those account for over 40% of voters, especially given the heavy overlap among those three groups.

    That’s why I think longstanding brainwashing is a big factor. That campaign was started in earnest by Rush Limbaugh in 1988 when he plowed the path for nationally syndicated hate radio, proving it was profitable to preach to, and enlarge, the Bubba crowd. That, along with the emergence of cable and decline of broadcast, has really dumbed down the country, in my view. Tell enough lies long enough and the sheep will follow the shepherd anywhere, I guess, even if his name is Wile E Coyote.

  5. I am guessing they are people who are lifelong Republicans. They come from families who are or have always been Republican.

    Most people don’t stop what they are doing and reflect, asking themselves “why am I doing this”..? They just keep doing it because it’s what they know or how they identify themselves.

    I think Liberals are a lot more introspective than Conservatives. They are much better followers (for the sake of following).

  6. gorn, that last bit that you wrote scares me most.

    We ARE a dumbed down society. Critical thinking is sorely lacking. The ability to discern what is bullshit and what is not is virtually missing.

    We have been scared into submission, and those who are afraid the most, go towards the daddy party which continues to terrify them further.

    That we are still having racial dialog like we are is an embarrassment to our entire country.

    And you are so right…Rush started it all for the flavor of neocons we have right now. It’s been a downhill slide ever since.

  7. Yes, conservatives ARE much better followers. That’s why people always bitch about dems…we don’t follow lockstep like the GOP does.

    If only they ever had ANY policy which was worthy of following lockstep in.

  8. MsJoanne, many year’s ago when I was young I thought we did have policy’s which were worth following….Guess I was deluded we were the party that made good change’s, kept everyone working with right’s and social issues….Anti war and all the thing’s to enhance a good life for everyone…Now with the constitution being dismantled and the reich running everything into the ground, many pretend Dem’s joining in to help in the distruction it’s hard to see our country going back to the day’s of most people haveing a good life….Now we are at the point of only the rich and powerful have that life and we the little people are giving the king’s all our money…Just my thought’s….Blessings

  9. After posting the note above I was remembering all our struggles and losses since I voted for JFK..His death, Bobby Kennedy, 58,000 in the Viet Nam war, Kent state, Martin Luther King and thousand’s of other’s two numerious to remember on this day….Make Love not war was a hard fight along with all the right’s we achieved….

    At this time looking back I wonder now that our country has stepped back and we have lost so much in these last few year’s if it was worth all those wonderful people we lost….I think I would have to say no, the price was way to high…Just like all the death’s from the present war and the people in secret prison’s suffering…Sadly in life there are no do over’s…Blessings

  10. Gotta wonder when Obama is going to bring up the pack of crony lobbyists running McIIIrd’s campaign, and presumable the gummint if he (**shudder**) wins…

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