13 thoughts on “Sarah Palin – “Dumb as a brick”

  1. Sarah Palin – “Dumb as a brick”

    That’s an insult to bricks.

    Bricks know to keep quiet; to work together; to not crumble under pressure….

    Bricks exist around the world, hence know more about foreign lands/policy. Bricks have gone on more “foreign trade missions.”

    Bricks make good fences, and good fences make good neighbors.

    Many schools/colleges are built of bricks, hence bricks have been exposed to more educational experiences.

    The house built of bricks withstood the big bad wolf, thus bricks stood firm in the face of danger and were integral to security, yet did so nonviolently, without attacking the enemy nor depleting the resources of the homeowner.

  2. Good one lolair…Thank’s Freedom for putting this clip up….

    I know 1 black lab that’s smarter than palin and much more loyal…He also can detect the good guy’s from the bad guy’s by sight and scent…

    Truly sad people will vote for this dead head….Blessings

  3. Freedomrebel, I was all set to agree with Cenk but Iolair has given me much to ponder, concerning the much-misunderestimated brick. Guess you have to change the title to “Sarah Palin – Way, Way Dumber Than Even One Brick”

  4. Good Morning Witch1 🙂 Cenk is such an awesome guy for getting as much out on Palin as he can.. He is a true patriot for his fight against a McCain-Palin Administration.

    Some people close themselves off to the possibility they may be wrong, witch1, I agree it is very sad..

    I hope you are having a good day. It is one of those cloudy with a few rain drops, day here..

    Good to see you great lady ….

  5. LOL, House of Roberts, the title may have to be revised… I was just using Cenk’s quote from the video…

    Good to see you and Good Morning 🙂

  6. What will the world think of us if this woman is elected to be one heartbeat from the presidency. It will show the world how dumb and/or racist Americans are. We will be doomed.

  7. Shayne, that is what I find so upsetting we will be judged by her extreme and radical viewpoints. Also that women in our country are not well educated and versed in domestic & foreign policy. Which is so far from the true reality here.

    Well put Shayne.. 🙂

  8. That and how ignorant are a people that would vote for this dimwit. People should be running from her pulling their hair out and still there are conservatives singing her praises. How she is not a deal breaker for any independent I don’t know.

  9. One good note for today…You all remember me writing about the older curmudgen I talked into registering to vote, my neighbor at 72 that had not voted for 15 or so year’s?..Right after he registered he watched walin palin on TV and fell in love…LOL.Then he started sending me crap email’s about her, knowing full well I was not ever a rep.

    I sent out a plea to Lady Z for info and she sent me some great stuff to fire back…

    A few night’s ago Maria took us, Ron and I out to mexican dinner to thank us for all our help in her move and set up…Ron’s in love with Maria also.. Maria is an under 50, 4foot 11..maybe 90 pound’s size 4 on the bottom and my guess size 50 e’s on the top, fiery,pretty, wonderfuly funny mexican gal… She has great children and grand children.

    She and I haden’t talked about polatick’s yet at all..Soon as we ordered Maria say’s ” so who are you voting for” looking at us both….Usualy I can’t get a word in edgwise about anything when the three of us are working together, Ron dominate’s and butt’s in…I look at him and he’s like a stone, this is the day after I had sent him one of Lady Z’s informative post’s against the dead head Palin…I answer for once and said I woulden’t vote for mcnut’s or the bimbo beauty queen if they were the last 2 running for dog catcher’s…Still nothing from Ron, the silence was defening and she and I are rolling our eye’s and smiling while he is shoveling in the chip’s and salsa….LOL..Maria pop’s in and say’s ” that Alaskan chick is the dummest bitch I have ever seen”, still silence..LOL. We swap a few comment’s and then let it go, we let Ron off easy…

    Next day, Friday, I am walking back from the mail box and Ron yell’s at me he got his registration card and now doesn’t know who to vote for…..”Vote for the person who is best for our country, don’t go for pretty go for smart.”…”Yah, guess your right he say’s.” Ofcourse I will never know but atleast he got off the pretty stuff….

    Me got’s to watch Denver/KC….Love the Bronco’s..Out of here for today.Happy posting and Blessings

  10. That is fantastic news witch1 ! It’s always nice to hear when someone changes their mind and is open to new possibilities. It’s hard for some people to step out of their comfort zone…

    Thank you for sharing the story…

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