Here’s that “offending” speech ..

TPM: Here’s the Pelosi floor speech that Republicans claim so enraged them that they decided to change their votes on the bailout:

Do you hear ANYTHING that isn’t accurate? I guess the truth hurts..

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3 thoughts on “Here’s that “offending” speech ..

  1. That is by far the dumbest speech i’ve ever seen anyone make, unless, like me she wants the federal reserve lie to end/communism to not come to america… then she’s a genius.

  2. I suspect the Republicans never had any intention of letting a Democratically-controlled Congress save their sorry asses. Not that the Republicans would know the first thing about what to do to undo the damage they’ve done. But since their mindset is one of “win at all costs”, they see defeating Democrats as “winning”, even if the American taxpayer loses in the end.

  3. The solution to this plan only prolonged initiating any real solution.. They would have needed another fix very soon. It wouldn’t have changed the behavior.

    It’s like a drug addict. As soon as they start to go through withdrawal and need another fix, you don’t solve their drug problems or change anything at all by giving him more drugs.. That just prolongs confronting the real problem and going through the necessary detox, then changing the thinking and behavior to actually live differently – and take the steps to stop being an addict.

    Throwing hundreds of billions of dollars at these guys isn’t going to change how we got here in the first place, it just prolongs the time we have to face it and deal with it in a real way – which means HUGE change! Which starts with accountability, oversight and putting in lots of new regulations and protections on behalf of all taxpayers and wage earners in this country. We aren’t all working, knocking ourselves out, and saving in order for these bozos to play craps with our money. It’s not a game.

    They are just draining what is left in the treasury after paying for this f*ing war and bleeding the American public (well, all except the top 1%) dry.

    And why did they wait until the very last minute (one month before election) to spring this on Americans? This didn’t just come up. You know the timing is significant. I think it is very suspect. The pressure by this president to pass this bill quickly without have time to think about it or discuss other solutions sounds too much like them shoving the Patriot Act down the throats of Congress to get it passed before anyone could read it. It stinks.

    Bush must be so proud.. What an amazing legacy.. Chalk it up to one more VERY big company he mismanaged and ran into the ground.

    I wonder how HIS investments are doing (and Cheney’s). Did they have forewarning before the shit hit the fan? Did they move their investments to safety beforehand? I’d be curious to know that.

    Oaky, done venting.

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