5 thoughts on “Playing the Blame Game

  1. I’ve heard republicans blame democrats for supporting the legislation, and I’ve heard republicans blame democrats for not supporting this legislation. I feel the truth is that there was a bipartisan shoot down of the legislation, and I’m happy about it. I also feel that republicans will say anything at this point to try to get votes. They will say anything at all truth or lie. Hopefully the media won’t be able to spin the election like they did last time.

    The Bailout was proposed by republican George Bush and Paulson which Bush appointed. Then when it came time to vote, republicans voted against it as well. There’s nobody to blame on this one, but thank goodness they shot it down. Giving taxpayer’s cash money to banks so they can loan it back to taxpayers with interest doesn’t sound like a good economic plan to me. Banks change hands, life goes on. Hopefully Bush’s scare tactics won’t work this time.

  2. So he says this isn’t the time to affix blame while he’s blaming Obama for a speech Pelosi made. I must be the one who is crazy.

  3. LOL.Up’s down, right’s left, dark is light…The econemy is great, we are fundementely doing well, what stock market crash? It’s just a little bump in the road..I think it’s time for the american people to demand the polatician’s get in a landing pattern with their flap’s down before we the people allow them to land on a runway (we) pick….We are suposto be the boss of this out fit not the banker’s and polatician’s…Where the hell did I put that sharpening stone for the pitch fork tine’s…Ah there it is…Blessings

  4. Really I don’t think McCain even realizes what he’s doing. He’s such a jackass.

    Keep the tines dull, it sounds more painful. 🙂

  5. James Kunzler sums this up in his most recent on-line essay:

    I told my friends and my husband about 2 years ago that the stock market was phony. Now, I don’t know Jack Schitt about stocks nor am I a math genius and I figured this out just by using my “perceptive” part of my body. The American people need to pull their heads out of the sand and take a long hard look at the candidates. The Republicans are the “party that destroyed this nation” so why anyone would vote for more of the same is beyond me. Voting for McCain is like screaming “F**k me some more”. Obama will not be able to fix this mess. He does offer the hope of slowing down the bleeding giving the blood time to coagulate which will stop the bleeding. It’s going to be a long, hard road ahead and the America that eventually emerges will be a different nation.

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