5 thoughts on “Representative Marcy Kaptur on Wall Street Bailout

  1. This woman belongs on Obama’s new cabinet. Smart, clear, to the point, no bullshit. Well done.

  2. She is a wonderful Representative for the state of Ohio. Mine is also good but she is the new kid on the block by the name of Betty Sutton (D). My husband sent her an e-mail that sounds quite similar to the one she read. She voted this bailout out down also. Because they know, just like we realized there is no possible way to work out a fair and equitiable solution in one week. It was ridiculous for them to even try.

    But they were pressured by Paulson and George Bush, that part is not their fault at all.. It is great news that they are going to start approaching this in the manner in which, is should have from the start.

    I will make a note to send her campaign some money, she is a representative we can’t afford to lose.

  3. I saw her speak on the news today and was awestruck. That’s why I kept looking for the video. I want her cloned.

  4. I agree Shayne, she should be cloned. So should Dennis, that would make such a difference in the House of Rep…

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