Tuesday Open Thread

Millenium Force Rollercoaster – Cedar Point

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57 thoughts on “Tuesday Open Thread

  1. Great video, EV. So appropriate for the current times.

    It’s a long way down and it’s a quick drop on this rollercoaster.
    Here’s an interesting perspective on this crisis:

    Eastern philosophy teaches balance, hence Yin and Yang. One consumes while the other gives birth. Our bodies also strive for balance. It’s not a surprise that this phony stock market created by Reagan is now striving for balance. We have been a third world nation for quite some time and Americans are finally starting to realize this.

  2. I love that roller coaster EV. It is in my homestate. The year that it first opened, I managed to get in the front seat with my Aunt. The locking mechanics wouldn’t let us out so we had to ride it 5 times in a row before they could get it to pop open. It was wonderful, I didn’t have to wait in hour long lines to ride it again. It was a very good day. I love coasters…

    Thank you for bringing back a great memory EV..

  3. Good Morning Ladie’s….Thank’s for the clip EV…Only remember one roller coaster ride in California at the Pike I think, as a kid….Not fond of hight’s so prefere racing boat’s or anything on the ground…Guess one could say I am a well grounded person and only fly around on my broom during dream’s…..LOL…

    Another nice day on the west coast, plan finishing up my long list of have to’s today, laundry, watering, pulling weed’s and book work for the resort..

    Oso, spanish for Bear, woke me up for an early tinkle run at 5 A.M…No, no bad dog, we are not on the summer schedule…Nada, Oso….Tonight he will be drug out of the house in the dark so we don’t do the early morning in the dark run..

    My neighbor, Maria is going to help me learn spanish…..I asked her yesterday if she would help me since I remember little from high school and all the slang I picked up in Nevada would only apply in a cussing contest…LOL.She was happy to help so now I must find a good book and get started on another learning project….Bear will be learning another bunch of word’s as well.

    Have a great day poster’s…P.B.& J

  4. Good Morning witch1 …

    I have to do some major house cleaning today. It’s that time of year again when I wash down all the windows and wash the curtains throughtout my house. What a backbreaking job but when it is done everything smells so nice and it just sparkles.. It’s worth it.

    Have fun with learning Spanish…

  5. I posted this on TP a few minutes ago, thought it bore repeating:

    I heard Rep Fazio of Oregon last night saying that the plan is crap.
    The FDIC is staging all this by ruling how the banks have to value these bad debts on their books.
    Change that ruling, as they did durning the S&L bailout in the 80’s and the problem vanishes overnight.
    The real help should be in the form of restructuring the loans that are forcing the dumbass homeowners who got in over their heads, and now are facing foreclosure.
    They’ve stopped making payments altogether, as no other alternative is available.
    The crap bankruptcy law passed a couple of years ago also needs to be amended, to allow a bankruptcy judge to rework home loans when they are judged to be predatory.
    As for the dumbasses who bought more than one home on speculation, sorry suckers.

    Case closed, pouring money at the top of Wall street and hoping it trickles down is a waste of our tax money.

  6. Intrade: Obama over McCain 64.4 to 36.8.

    RCP: Obama up 4.9 and 5.8 based on poll.

    538: Obama over McCain 83 to 17. Electoral votes are 329 to 208.

    It’s lunchtime! Cheers all around.

  7. Back at ya on the Bueno, good, RUCerious…The rest is greek…LOL,.since I mangle english spelling to the point of distraction can only imagine how awful my spanish spelling will be….That and memory loss is going to be a challenge…What little I remember we are using in a repetative greeting’s…Can’t spell them but can say them, this is going to be fun…Please forgive on the spelling….Hasta la vista amigos…Blessings

  8. That is my chief complaint RUC, that they need to restructure those homeloans first. Especially considering many didn’t realize they would have a huge balloon payment or that their mortgages would double in some cases triple.

    I agree some got in over their heads in debt, but many homeowners were not explained the facts of their particular loan. If the market changed this is the possibility of what could happen to them. Many were first time home buyers who trusted unfortunately the wrong person to get a home loan from….

  9. I also agree completely on the bankrupcy laws RUC, they didn’t do a very good job of them. Not many have been happy since they went into affect. That is something that needs to be addressed and fixed ASAP.

    Have a good day 🙂

  10. RUC – good comment. I agree. Congress made a mistake by letting Bush take the lead and working with something given to them by Bush. Hope they take their time in designing something for Main Street.

  11. You would think the only logical thing to do would be to restructure these mortgages. Anyone with a brain would know that some money coming in is better than no money coming in. I’m afraid the problem is that no one knows who owns these mortgages thereby making it difficult to fix the problem.

  12. Finally, all current polls are blue. The one holdout had been “Battleground” which had been showing McCain in the lead for a very long time. Today, it shows Obama at +2.

    Gallup, Rasmussen, and Hotline tracking pools all have Obama at +6. The RCP average is Obama +5.2. Other than the brief DNC bump, that’s Obama’s biggest lead since early July.

    Obama’s electoral performance is also improving, with 249 solid or leaning to Obama, vs. 163 solid or leaning McCain.

    Look for the next in McCain’s series of September / October surprises to try to stop the bleeding. Perhaps at Thursday’s debate, Palin will announce that the scary black man threatened to rape her if she doesn’t step aside.

  13. And in all seriousness, I do expect to see a series of McCain insinuation ads trying to tie Obama to a string of unsavory people who happen to be black. He’ll push those in battleground states where he’s slipping, which also happen to have a strong racist contingent: North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, Florida…

  14. electoral-vote.com has the numbers as Obama 286, McCain 225, Ties 27. For the past few days, I’m pretty sure the Obama number didn’t change, but those 27 ties were included in McCain’s count. The 27? Florida. Polls show them in a dead heat and the problems with the economy have to be a factor. Lots of retired people in Florida that have to be worried sick about pensions and SS, and McStain doesn’t inspire confidence.

  15. In the seriously good news, electoral-vote.com is giving a substantial lead in the Oregon Senate race to Jeff Merkley, 45-41% over Gordon Smith. Up until now, they’ve either been too close to call, or Gordo has held a small lead. Most of the media attention to the race has been limited to expressions of horror over the nasty ads they’ve been trading. Substance? Not so much.

  16. muse, I had wondered why the thing hasn’t already resurfaced. Most likely there definitely is nothing behind it, so it’s not worth the while.

    Obama leading in Florida by +3 (RCP/PPP)

    I read or heard somewhere, Obama was preparing to suggest an own financial crisis plan to the Democrats in Washington, that he thinks will get all the Democrats on board and the some, so they have a paper to agree upon Thursday. He didn’t need to suspend his campaign for that, however and didn’t hurry to Washington, via Katie Couric’s studio..

    I’ll try to find the source.

  17. EV, there doesn’t have to BE anything behind it in order for them to make it APPEAR that there is something behind it. This is exactly what they did with the “Obama is a Muslim” thing. Plant the seed and create the doubt That’s the strategy. It doesn’t have to be true.. If they do that in October by insinuation, there isn’t enough time to repair the damage before election. That is my concern. Timing is everything with these people. Why is this coming out now?

    That’s my concern. Just keep an eye on it.

  18. muse, there won’t be much time to repair any damage, true. But there wouldn’t be much time for such an insiniuation to sink in either. And the McCain campaign has ceased to have the majority of the press behind them by now. Even the journalists of the corporate media seem to have realized that – after the debacle of the Iraq war cheerleading – they cannot back McCain without jeopardizing the tiny rest of credibility they have left.

    So who is going to spread the insinuations? Let redstate and their ilk do it. They are covering the fringe on the right. Let them insinuate till the cows come home, it won’t make any difference.

    I am quite optimistic.

  19. gummitch. I wonder about this rumour, because it doesn’t make sense. Still it’s in the LAtimes, which isn’t just some rag.

    But why should he? Obama is running a professional and smooth campaign, no major disruptions up to now, why should he change that and cause turmoil in his own campaign?

    Palin is no real threat and Biden, however gaffe-prone he may be, is a pro. He won’t do anything stupid enough to upset the applecart.

    What can Hillary bring to the ticket at this point that adds more than the disruption takes away.

    I would be surprised it that happened.

  20. I’d be surprised, too, EV. Maybe if Palin puts in a credible performance on Thursday — and I’ve read an opinion piece by a Republican who ran against her that she is highly adept at non-answers that connect with her audience while avoiding having to know anything — and somehow this results in a bump for McCain. Maybe then there would be some value to HRC stepping in.

    Does she really want the job? There’s a good chance that it would mean waiting eight years rather than four to run for Pres. by which time she’d be pretty old.

  21. To be honest there is only two things I’m afraid of at this point. First: The American voters are more stupid than I could imagine. The second I won’t talk about lest it comes true. (I’m superstitious that way)

  22. I don’t see Palin back on the national stage, ever, unless McCain steals the election, in which case we’re stuck with her for decades. She might end up as the head of some creepy group like Schlafly’s, living off grants from wealthy Republicans, but I can’t see her as a national figure for them.

    Except, of course, that she could run for Senator. Probably win, too.

  23. Palin is a piece of work. In the insular world of Alaskan politics, she could have gotten away with this shit indefinitely but once the national spotlight got turned on her . . . that’s not working out so well.

  24. I don’t know, Gummitch, she made a lot of enemies in her own party up there. It is the Republicans that are leading this investigation and the Democrats have nothing to lose by tagging along. She thought she had her tracks covered, but it is turning out that she left a pretty fresh trail to follow.

    I wonder if the combination of Bob Barr and this gasoline shortage in Georgia is doing anything for Obama? When people think oil companies, they rarely link Democrats with those troubles. They are saying these shortages could continue well into October.

  25. Thanks for the link to mudflats house. Handing out contracts in exchange for having personal grudges handled seems worthy of an investigation by the feds.

  26. Shayne, what kind of a shop do you run? I got “parts and supplies” and “mechanics” from comments you made yesterday, after I went to work.

  27. The domestic housecat is not the finest of creatures. Just check out their impact on wild bird and small mammal populations. I can’t believe we have allowed them to get to places like Hawaii, Guam, etc. Oh when when your done letting them run around outside creating havoc be sure to bring them inside and snuggle them and keep them warm and give them their meow mix. Damn fleabags get the best of both worlds…

  28. I think the bigger problem is feral cats db. People who get sick of their cat and just leave it somewhere and haven’t bothered to get it neutered. There’s lot of those in an unincorporated area near here.

  29. I like my quail, pheasants, and even the freaked out looking chukars. The ravens and magpies are fun to watch, too.

    I’d never mess that up by letting a cat into the mix.

  30. db, when I lived with cats (almost said “cat owner”), they were not permitted outdoors. Not only bad for the cat’s health, but murder on the local bird population.

    On the other hand . . .

    When my sister first moved to the San Juans, one of her friends was living in a sod-roofed house in the woods. She was awakened one night by a terrible screaming and ran out of the house in time to watch a large owl (Great Horned?) fly away with her housecat, which liked to play on the roof.

  31. For a crazy feral cat freakshow try Cape May NJ. I can’t believe some of those folks continue to want to rally round the cause of the cats.

    gummitch, during a particularly harsh winter I saw a red-tailed hawk try and take a full grown cat. It wasn’t successful but it was interesting to watch

  32. WaltTheMan:
    I once was trapped at the nastiest boatyard I have ever seen. For the purposes of the public let’s just say it is around Punta Gorda. If lying on your back fiberglassing overhead in the August sun isn’t enough with all the biting things that live in FLA, this place was overrun by feral cats. The stench was unbearable. The oddball that ran the hellhole would buy out of date chicken from the grocery and just throw them about in the styrofoam tray and saran and all and the cats would come out of the woodwork. It was so so F’d up…

  33. Well, Shayne, my wife and I had our shop for 9 years, but we specialized in Porsches, and when we started having too many customers with older cars, who couldn’t maintain them, we stopped enjoying it and we got out.
    Only problem with tough times on the repair business, everybody wants a band-aid, and you can’t warranty band-aids. On the other hand, when times are good, they want a band-aid so they can sell or trade it off.
    Maybe some time we can trade loose-nut-behind-the-wheel stories!

    Our shop was next door to the local Humane Society. I still have two cats that wandered into our shop that we kept (plus three more). I assumed they were dropped off because the HS wouldn’t take in animals unless they had a sponsor.
    Gotta go. Back on in the early.

  34. My husband worked at car dealers, mostly Chevrolet but also Dodge and Lincoln Mercury for like 22 years. We’ve had this garage for over 12 years now. Because when you work at dealers you’re on straight commision working for yourself seems much more palatable. He puts in almost 70 hours a week though. He had a pet squirrel that was showing up for some time but he went missing. Sad.

  35. Evening all, my bosses don’t pee on tree’s or hunt, they are all fed so well they ignore the wild life…LOL..Have huge bird feeder’s all around and have watched Bob and Fuzzy ball’s sleeping close by, chickadee’s landing right in front of them and they could care less…full tummie’s and nap’s are better than hunting at this house..
    Oso is in and out all day and still squat’s on command, I am a well trained house keep staff and they have alway’s been good companion’s with manner’s….They get along with each other also….Blessings

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