GOP Ties To Bush Kill Chances

With 23 Republican Seats up for grab this November, polls are showing GOP candidates are plummeting. The likelihood of the Democrats getting a 60 seat majority looks very possible. Best news I’ve heard in eight years.

Rasmussen Reports show that Bruce Lunsford (D) is leading Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R) 49-44 for McConnell’s Kentucky seat. Kay Hagan (D) has been leading Sen. Elizabeth Dole (R) is the North Carolina race. These two races in particular are going to be close; but the Democrats seem to be gaining steadily every week since the economic meltdown.

Democrats have now polled ahead or within the margin of error in 11 Republican-held seats, as polls conducted in recent weeks show openings in second-tier targets including Mississippi, Texas, and in other states.

“I don’t know whether to put too much stock or too little into one given poll; each poll is a piece of data,” DSCC spokesman Miller said. “But those certainly aren’t the only polls that show these incumbents in trouble.”

Democrats have also polled ahead in at least some of the polling in Alaska, Colorado, New Hampshire, New Mexico and Virginia, polling substantial leads in the latter three. They have also been within the margin of error in Minnesota and Oregon.

If these leads hold or continue to grow the Senate race this year could be the most important change we have seen in a long time. The magic number is 60, the closer the Democrats get to that, the more political strength they will have next year to make the changes this country so desperately needs.

Democrats say their candidates are benefiting from the wipeout on Wall Street with a single message in every region of the country: “These are the Bush policies coming home to roost.” Senator Charles E. Schumer of New York, chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, told Politico: “Americans know that in economically difficult times, we need a change from George Bush’s policies. And incumbents who have voted for six years with Bush, up and down the line, are having a difficult time trying to convince the electorate that they’ve changed their spots.”

With Republicans fearing the loss of 17 to 21 House seats, January 2009 could bring Democrats a dominance over Washington that neither party has experienced since the Reagan years.

Democrats need to pick up nine seats to hit 60 votes. Republicans have been bracing for big losses, but it wasn’t until the past few days that they have started to privately sound the alarms that the bottom could fall out on Election Day.

With the GOP Senate candidates taking a beating in the polls, the public is sending a loud message of dissatisfaction concerning the economy that is hurting McCain’s chances also in November. Adding Palin-that has become the new ball and chain on the Republican ticket-is causing McCain’s hopes to go spiraling faster down the drain.


14 thoughts on “GOP Ties To Bush Kill Chances

  1. “Democrats need to pick up nine seats to hit 60 votes”

    Is Politico so naive as to think the Democrats will still have Lierberman after the dust settles?

  2. I wonder if that is official, yet. First Lierberman runs against the party’s nominee in his Senate race, then campaigns against the party’s nominee for President. That should indicate his true loyalties are not with the Democrats. But if without him we have 59 votes, will Reid (or the next majority leader, I’m hoping) still shun him, as he should? Maybe we could get a Moderate Republican (are there any?) to change affiliation. Shelby (R, Ala., elected as a D) did after ’94. Of course, the states with the moderates are the easiest in which for the Dem candidates to succeed.

  3. I’m surprised you’d honor that git with a response, Shayne. At least every thread on the site wasn’t spammed. But then, I hazard a guess that can be dealt with, when necessary.

  4. Evening Shayne, just passing through on way to sleep…We seem to be getting some drain field seepage from twitchie little troll’s….LOL..Time to have the septic tank cleaned out again, maybe someone can call the pumper truck..

    These tlt’s are either getting very worried they are loosing or impatient for the rapture…Maybe both…I would suggest to them to call the wolf killer at 1-800-sara-wink….Blessings

  5. Good Morning HoR 🙂 I wonder if that is official, yet. First Lierberman runs against the party’s nominee in his Senate race, then campaigns against the party’s nominee for President. That should indicate his true loyalties are not with the Democrats.

    HoR, on this point, they are still circulating a petition to get him censured and kicked out of the democratic party.. The Connecticut dems had a meeting on this, if I remember correctly, about a week ago. I haven’t heard an update on this..

    The Hill seems to think also that many races are leaning to the dems in many states. We are even seeing in Georgia that Chambliss (R) is only ahead by 2%. It’s to the point the McCain campaign has written off the NC race for Dole, they are assuming that Hagan will win. I was surprised to hear that one by a McCain campaign spokesman.

    Good to see you…

  6. Good morning Freedomrebel.
    If we are to presume to not count Lierberman, then we need ten Senate seats to guarantee cloture. Obama seems to be having the positive effect on the downticket races, which, I was afraid, Hillary wouldn’t have had. The economic crisis has been a large factor in the polls breaking Obama’s way also.
    I slept through This Week and MTP, but just finished watching Face The Nation and making notes. More on that on Gorn’s “Smear” story after a bit. I have to make a grocery run.

  7. That is a good point that Politico didn’t figure on and I didn’t factor into the equatation because it was only the Conn. dems making a big issue of it.

    I’m not sure if we are going to see anything happen with Lieberman or not. McCain is putting pressure on him to change parties. It is hard to say which way this will go because he has 100% approval with Naral. Also, if you look at Lieberman’s voting record he voted mainly on the dems side… last I heard it was 86.9% of the time. But, I understand why some of the democrats are very upset, I know I was angry by the speech he made at the RNC. Have fun on that grocery run.

    Have a good Sunday, House of Roberts 🙂

  8. From Wiki:
    “The overall accuracy of the polling data from the 2006 elections was cited, both by those who argue that the Bradley effect has diminished in American politics, and those who doubt its existence in the first place.”

    I personally believe any residual Bradley Effect skewing will be more than offset by the cell-only effect. I’m 52 and don’t have a landline phone. If a significant youth vote turns out, the margins may be much larger. Also, the Bradley Effect voters have been dying all the time, and many are too old to care about voting anymore. By election day some Republicans may be demoralized enough to stay home or be too busy.

  9. If it was to be fun I would have said “I ‘get’ to make a grocery run”, Freedomrebel. I hate going anywhere these days, even the gas has to factor into the purpose for the trip. Thanks for the thought, though.

    Lierberman might as well retire in 2012. He won’t win again.

  10. I was just teasing HoR, I hate grocery shopping also. Not as bad as a dentist appointment but close… LOL

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