Wednesday Open Thread

Senator McCain, most Americans have heard about Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae before the crisis! You may not have, but most do. Or did you just assume, because the question came from an African American man, he may have never heard of it? That makes you either condescending or a racist, actually both:

“It was Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. I’ll bet you, you may never even heard of ’em before this crisis..”


Discuss this and what else is on your mind here and don’t miss the new posts that will be coming in all day below this!

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62 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Thread

  1. …and in other news, the staff at Think Progress were late putting up the Thinkfast thread the morning after the Presidential Debate. It was widely rumored they all drew the words “My Friends” in the debate drinking game the previous night.

  2. Favorite comment made by a poster named harobamason at HuffPo on the story “Bob Cesca: That One?!” :

    I’m sorry Senator McCain, it’s President “That One” to you.

  3. Well, McCain is losing touch with the Diebold Zone now….. looks like I might indeed be wrong on Nov 2nd…. although Osama Bin Forgotten has yet to vote..

  4. Intrade right now:

    Obama 73.5%

    McIIIrd 26.3%

    Looks like McIIIrd has just about tied himself with Bush’s approval rating!

  5. Now I’m looking forward to the Republican primaries for the 2012 election. I can’t wait to until the other candidates of the GOP have a chance to say how they really feel about Palin. I know she thinks she’s already the candidate.

  6. Shayne, Romney or even 9ui11ini would tear her to absolute shreds. Huckster, too.

    Thompson…not so much. πŸ˜€

    But it would be fun to watch her and Jindal in a debate…they are equally fucking stupid.

  7. It’s going to be double plus good because all those people will be blaming her for the loss right after the election. And they’ll have a couple of years of smoldering when they debate her. I just hope she’s not in prison before then. πŸ™‚

  8. Please forgive me for jumping off the major subject..Yesterday morning I was walking Oso and getting ready for a mexican lunch with my little friend Maria..

    While wondering around watching bird’s and wild life It struck me I have had one constant in my life that was brought out due to a special gift given to me by my great aunt Mildred 60 year’s ago this week…..

    This week mark’s 60 year’s since my aunt took me to a matinee concert some where in the L.A. area…She was hoping it would inspire me to take her piano lesson’s more to heart…Don’t remember the orchestra or the name of the piano player but the were good…Do remember the music they played and the melodie’s return to my head daily…They played for a little more than an hour music by Liszt..Consolation No. 3….Liszt…Lieberstraum and Tchaikavsky’s..Piano concerto No1i….I was transfixed…At 7 year’s old and fidgety I didn’t move a musle the entire time…Still today I get chill’s with the above music when I hear Horowitz or Lang Lang peform their version…So I will send a thought out to the where ever, Thank you aunt Mildred for giving me the love of music, all music, it has been a long wonderious journey….Blessings

  9. Hay, I just found out my favorite representative in the world is a Libra…Happy Birthday Dennis Kucinich…In memory…Tomorrow is John Lennon’s birthday…How about a musical tribute for John tomorrow…What do you say.?…Libra folk’s are artestic and justice minded..P.B.& J

  10. It’s funny #1. I took my daughter to see The Secret Garden when she was about 4 years old. She was mesmerized. The next year when she was 5 she wanted to be in their production of Music Man but I thought she was too young. After listening to the soundtrack nonstop for 6 months I let her be in Titanic, the musical. To this day every time a play ends she starts crying. Even when we saw the movie Phantom of the Opera, crying like a baby. I’m sure your aunt got as much joy from sharing her music with you as you got from her. I’ve learned much more from my daughter than she’s ever learned from me.

  11. That’s another thing. John Lennon is huge among kids like my daughter and other musical types her age. Could you remind me tomorrow in case I forget #1.

  12. Yep! You are correct Shayne…Remember taking Jody to Sound of music, she was thrilled..We went back a couple more time’s before we started listening to Marvin Gay and hundred’s of other great artest’s together….My girl like classical as well..

    My aunt took me to many operas after that and I went in excitement..Hansel and Gretel and many I can’t name now were the norm…The culture she gave me was huge, her own grand daughter didn’t like to go, we were the same age so she alway’s took me…I have been blessed..P.B,& J.

  13. Good Morning Lady Z, this little note is on the fly, must take Oso for another walk, take a shower and off to the hair dresser with Maria…

    Hope you are having a great day, diffacult in these time’s but I will hope…Turn off the TV, put on music…Wonder if there is a Godfather thingie in there, Ah yes from you’ve got mail…Going on vacation, take the canoe, leave the gun at home…LOL..Soothe the soul, turn off the crap thrower’s..

    My pick for tomorrow would be Strawberry Field’s…Blessings Ladie’s..

  14. Good day, Witch1, great story about your Aunt Mildred. Bless her memory.

    I was up too early today, then had a power outage just a few minutes after I commented at 6:31 here. Wound up back in bed, where I should have been.

    Hartmann is playing the rant scene from Network. Right now. Love that scene.

  15. I bought my daughter old fashioned apple cider and could I suggest everybody get some. And, a bottle of amaretto wouldn’t hurt either. I love fall.

  16. Today’s Gallup tracking poll has Obama up by 11.

    A couple more points and we’ll be immune from voting fraud.

  17. The Dow is down 189, so far.

    Those deregulated fuckers have screwed us royally, and we’re the ones who are paying for it, and will continue to pay FOR YEARS.

  18. CNN a bit ago:
    McCain’s mortgage revalue idea, where he said “and it’s my proposal, it’s not Sen. Obama’s proposal, it’s not President Bush’s proposal…” was actually Hillary Clinton’s idea on CNN’s American Morning broadcast on Sept. 23, 2008. I looked but I couldn’t find a You Tube clip.

  19. Back at you all, Good post’s, another one I like is Revolution, ah hell I like them all….Thank’s house ofrobert’s for the comment’s and also neoke17 for putting up the link’s..

    Back from a great mini trip, got my hair cut, ran Oso and fed everyone..My email inbox is screaming delete and so now I will…Have a great after noon all, will check back after a nap..LOL…Blessings

  20. I already started the Lennon post and the video of Let it Be has John in it so we can keep it, what the heck. I’ll add Wayne’s and Revolution.

  21. Thanks, Shayne. Actually, if the Let It Be is the same as form the movie, it shows John playing that great guitar solo. I loved the way he just let the melody flow through him, almost dictating the way his fingers had to move. Poetry in motion without being flamboyant. Leave it in. πŸ˜€

  22. Case you missed it Lady Z, my new little neighbor is going to help me learn spanish…On pay day we are going shopping for a good book and kick off the little project officially…Bear’s learning all his command’s and new name so he can do stupid dog trick’s in either language…..So far the only trick he know’s is to sit…LOL…Blessings….Keith and Rachel were great today….

  23. Silly me, I thought Bear in Spanish was Ursa. Maybe that’s Latin…

    My dog is brilliant at the sitting trick. πŸ˜€

    Have fun with learning Spanish, Great Lady. Keith and Rachel were fabulous today. I love Rachel’s snarkiness.

  24. I can’t think of his name right now, Gibbs I think, but he is awesome. He’s always happy and smiling and even when he’s tough he does it in a good natured way. But I never would have thought he could pull off what he did with Hannity.

  25. Yep! I saw the good clip on the Hannety thing…Not me, I still prefer Clooney or that cute Antonio Banderes guy..You can have Keith and the smiley faced guy, just leave me one of the above..K?….LOL…Blessings

  26. Link for Countdown with Hannity per Zooey October 8, 2008 at 7:42 pm

    Didn’t see it here or at TP so I looked it up meself.

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