4 thoughts on “In Memoriam, John Lennon’s Birthday

  1. Thank’s for putting this thread up Shayne….How lucky we are John’s music is here….How blessed I am for having a newer computer to read and listen to music on…

    Some strange , sad and intresting fact’s I didn’t know untill this past week when I was doing some research…John Lennon was a year and 2 day’s older than me,…Did not know that…He was killed the same year my daughter was, 2 day’s before her birthday, that day I remember, although little else that happened in 1980 and 81 are left……

    So today I send out to the universe a Thank you to John for his contribution in music and Peace….Blessed be….

  2. My thoughts are with you #1. So your birthday is Saturday?

    Losses like John Lennon and a cousin who was six days younger than me are particularly hard for me to deal with. Both because they were sudden but with Lennon losing somebody with so much talent to violence is such an incredible waste.

    But those seem nothing compared to your loss.

  3. Thank you Shayne..Yep! At 7 A.M. Sat I turn the big 67, never thought I would live this long…Another year has flown by…

    The realety is all thing’s are relative….The impact of a loss is not determined by rather a person is a close relative or not but how that person’s spirit is connected to your’s…Just my thinking here…When you love other’s deeply it is diffacult to let go, indeed hard to stay behind and carry on with out them..Those are natural human selfish thought’s that are hard to cope with….I went through it again in loosing Michael 2 year’s ago, he was like a brother and best friend….Grief can not be determined like a scale on a graph, how much or for how long, it just is, nor can my grief be determined larger or lesser than someone elses…The heart and soul of a person determin’s how much they love another living being and how much one grieve’s…For some even the loss of a dear pet is devestating…

    The only thing that help’s me get through is knowing that Jody and Michael were wonderful old soul’s and I was lucky to share the time we had together….I have been blessed, all of us have with great spirit’s like John and many other’s…Now we are left with the memories and the music, my only constant…..I refuse to be sad this month but instead be grateful for the memories…..Blessings all and have a good day…Listen to the music..

  4. A little post script….Some time’s my thought’s rush in so fast my finger’s can’t cope and often it is like a smokey bar room when one open’s the door and the fresh air just send’s the smokey thought back out the door….LOL.My gettin old….The “listen to the music” is a cute bouncy song by the Doobi Brother’s..As you all know, as the brush and paint is to the painter, the written word and paper is to the poet and writer so are the lyric’s and note’s to the musician and listener….I listen and love…Blesings

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