Where is Jack Cafferty?

Was it Jack Cafferty’s blistering attack on Sarah Palin that was an instant hit on youtube ?

or was it this comment:

They have stood by and watched their 401(k)s hemorrhage for months. They were also told all weekend by their elected leaders that a rescue plan was on the way. Their elected leaders lied. Again. In the end, politics trumped everything else. Nancy Pelosi gave a speech and that angered some house republicans, and bingo, the whole project went right down the toilet.

Now it’s the Jewish holidays and nothing will happen for a couple more days. And once again, the middle class will take it in the shorts because some Washington moron wanted to make a point. They make me tired.

Fact is: Since October 2nd, when you go to Jack Cafferty’s blog you get this message:

Jack will not be in the Situation Room Today.

When our reader “houseofroberts” asked the question a couple of days ago, I still thought Cafferty’s absence was not out of the ordinary. Personal issues, programming issues, whatever. Now, I’m not so sure.

You can ask CNN what happened to an integer and integral part of the “best political team on TV” yourself here.

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11 thoughts on “Where is Jack Cafferty?

  1. When I read your post, I wondered that too. Google results led me to this item.
    Having been widowed myself after 27 years I’d venture a guess that he’s probably dealing with grief issues. You think you can go on with work; you think you need to in order to maintain your sanity. But, ultimately, grief will have its way with you and there’s not much you can do.

    Hopefully, he’ll be back at some point to continue the good work at CNN.

  2. Rob, welcome. First of all I am sorry for your loss. 27 years is a very long time and wounds like that do not heal easily.

    What you said was exactly my first reaction a couple of days ago. I wonder, however about the message on Jack Cafferty’s blog. When his wife passed away, there was a post which brought the sad news. Now, there is no update – nothing. I’d expect something else and if it is a Jack Cafferty is on leave statement, explaining.

    I like the man, I like his passion for politics, even if I don’t agree with him all the time and I really miss his pointed statements.

    I hope he’s back soon.

  3. There is no other journalist working today with the candidness, intelligence, insight and intuition of Jack Cafferty. His untimely disappearance leaves us all – at a tremendous loss for TRUTH!

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  5. Jack Cafferty is the only reason I turn on CNN in the afternoon. Lou Dobbs is still on but Cafferty is off. Grrrrrrr. I hope you’re right Rob and he just needs some time to grieve and that he’s welcome back when ever he feels up to it. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I too like Jack’s passion. However, he has put is foot in his mouth many times in my opinion. How can a man with no college education, go on a rampage against the nation’s most popular governor saying she didn’t understand the question?

    This is classic behavior from people who suffer for low self-esteem – try to declare others to be unworthy or stupid and in so doing you’ll look like you’re not. In Cafferty’s case, it didn’t and doesn’t work.

  7. Ron,

    You really can’t be saying that if one does not have a college education that he can’t have severe reservations about Palin.

    I know some really stupid people with college educations, and some really smart people who never went further than high school.

    Come on…

  8. Jack Cafferty was a breath of fresh air and a reality check on what is happening around us. He calls things what they are and does it quite clearly. I don’t know that I ever heard him say anything that wasn’t hitting the nail on the head.

    A college education is not the measure of a man (or woman) or his/her intellect. I can’t believe you wrote that..

  9. In case you missed it, Jack should be back on tomorrow. From cnn.com/caffertyfile

    October 20, 2008
    The Cafferty File
    Posted: 04:00 PM ET

    Jack will be in The Situation Room tomorrow.

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