Sunday News Highlights

U.S. Believes Nuns have a Habit for Terrorism

Two Roman Catholic nuns jailed for non-violent action against nuclear weapons were also listed as terrorists by US authorities. Link.

Tax rebate, Food Stamp Money possible in Aid Plan

After consulting with Barack Obama, Democratic leaders are likely to call Congress back to work after the election in hopes of passing legislation that would include extended jobless benefits. Link

Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers Put the Smack-Down on AIG

Okay, this is about a day late, but what the hell, it’s still funny. On Thursday, Saturday Night Live aired a special 30-minute midweek episode. Link

Alaska Pollock Fishery near collapse: Greenpeace

Stocks of Alaska pollock, a staple of the U.S. fast food industry, have shrunk 50 percent from last year to record low levels and put the world’s largest food fishery on the brink of collapse. Link

Fox News’ Faux Documentary sets New Low

Sean Hannity’s Sunday report, ‘Obama and Friends: The History of Radicalism,’ relied on innuendo and guilt by association to label the Illinois senator a dupe of the shadowy forces of the left. Link

‘Disposable’ AK-47s – trend that worries cops

Orange County’s latest murders reflect an alarming trend for law enforcement: urban firefights with dozens of shots fired. Link

Halloween candy horror stories

Everyone knows the Halloween candy horror stories — razor blades in apples, poisoned chocolate. Where did these tales come from? We tell you with the help of myth-debunker The truth: most of the time, the candy wasn’t the culprit. Link

Supermarket Chain Adds 10% At Register, But Only In Some Stores

Nash Finch, a Minneapolis-based supermarket chain, adds a 10% fee to the bill at its stores catering to Hispanic shoppers in Colorado, reports 9News in Denver. Link

Religion vs science: can the divide between God and rationality be reconciled?

”A clergyman in charge of education for the country’s leading scientific organisation – it’s a Monty Python sketch.” Link

4 thoughts on “Sunday News Highlights

  1. “Two Roman Catholic nuns jailed for non-violent action against nuclear weapons were also listed as terrorists by US authorities.”
    It was later learned, these authorities were simply scared to death of nuns armed with rulers!

  2. Those AK-47 firefights aren’t new in the big cities. I found it kind of amusing when they said they were bring back troops from Iraq for patrol in the USA in case of some disruption and it was something like 3,000 men. That one building in a project and everybody is armed. The Republicans better worry about that if they’re thinking of stealing this election.

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