CQ Politics: McCain’s Pants Are On Fire

That over-heated, radically liberal magazine, Congressional Quarterly, has published a piece taking John McCain to task for his campaign’s claims that Barack Obama and William Ayers ran a “radical education foundation” together. McCain made the claim in a 90 second web ad that went live last week. Here’s what CQ’s Politifact squad found:

[Though he did help to secure the initial grant money for the foundation and acted as an outside adviser,] Ayers “was never on the board of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge,” and he “never made a decision programmatically or had a vote,” [Executive Director] Ken Rolling said.

What’s that? Ayers — who so obviously started this group to indoctrinate children in his crazy views — never sat on the board or even had a vote? I wonder why the McCain campaign hasn’t managed to get that part of the story right… but no matter. Certainly if Ayers was involved in its creation, it must have been stocked with long haired hippie freaks who were acting as his proxies and doing their best to implement his dream of using an obscure Chicago based charity to tip the balance of power in the United States and install a secret shadow government, right?

[T]here was a long list of individuals involved with the Chicago Annenberg Challenge whose positions provided them far more authority over its direction than Ayers’ advisory role gave him.

Let’s look at a few, starting with the funder. Annenberg was a lifelong Republican and former ambassador to the United Kingdom under President Richard Nixon. His widow, Leonore, has endorsed McCain. Kurtz might just as plausibly have accused Obama and the foundation of “translating Annenberg’s conservatism into practice.”

Among the other board members who served with Obama were: Stanley Ikenberry, former president of the University of Illinois; Arnold Weber, former president of Northwestern University and assistant secretary of labor in the Nixon administration; Scott Smith, then publisher of the Chicago Tribune; venture capitalist Edward Bottum; John McCarter, president of the Field Museum; Patricia Albjerg Graham, former dean of the Harvard University Graduate School of Journalism, and a host of other mainstream folks.

Okay, fine. But what about that WSJ article by Stanley Kurtz McCain cited? You know, the one that detailed how the foundation teamed with radical outside partners like ACORN and forced the schools to work with them instead of just funding the schools directly? (This is my favorite part.)

Rollings said the foundation tried to fund the schools directly, but doing so proved to be a “bureaucratic nightmare.” But any external group that received money had to have
created a program in partnership with a network of public schools.

And though ACORN is considered a liberal organization, the vast majority of the foundation’s external partners were not remotely controversial. Here are a few examples: the Chicago Symphony, the University of Chicago, Loyola University, Northwestern University, the Chicago
Children’s Museum, the Museum of Science and Industry, the Field Museum, the Commercial Club of Chicago, the Garfield Park Conservatory Alliance and the Logan Square Neighborhood Association.

See?! Right there! The Chicago Symphony! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, children and cellos are just one slippery slope away from brown-shirts and jackboots! This is serious business people! America needs to know the truth!!


2 thoughts on “CQ Politics: McCain’s Pants Are On Fire

  1. Big Blue, this is fantastic, outstanding, coming out after yesterday’s Dana Bash interview with McCain, (YouTube video addy I just posted on two of Freedomrebel’s threads) whereMcCain harps on this Ayers connection unchallenged by Bash. At least now we have some rebuttal points for all this crap being flung by the Rushbots, etc.
    Top of the mornin’ to ya and all y’alls.

  2. But it’s the CHICAGO Symphony so it must be slimy. Being from Chicago I am so sick of the comments denigrating Chicago and its politicians that I wrote McCain telling him that if he did win I no longer planned on paying taxes since he feels we are all so worthless.

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