Federal Court: Ohio Must Verify New Voter Registrations

There have been approximately 666,000 new voters that have registered since January.  Ohio Republicans sued Brunner, she of course is a Democrat, need I say more.  Here is the latest update from the AP.

A federal appeals court on Tuesday ordered Ohio’s top elections official to set up a system by Friday to verify the eligibility of newly registered voters and make the information available to the state’s 88 county election boards.

The full 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati upheld a lower court ruling that Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner must use other government records to check thousands of new voters for registration fraud.

A three-judge panel of the 6th Circuit had disagreed last week. The full court’s ruling, in which nine of 16 judges concurred, overturns that decision.

Since the primary, Ohio Republicans have filed a series of challenges to the registrations and Brunner’s administration of election rules. They have helped voters file lawsuits against local boards of election over registration rules, absentee ballot requests and a weeklong period that allowed registration and voting on the same day.

For the rest of the Associated Press article.

3 thoughts on “Federal Court: Ohio Must Verify New Voter Registrations

  1. HA! Although this is more dirty politics, the republicans were out-gunned by Obama and his supporters; Obama doesn’t need Ohio, but McCain does, plus a whole lot more. The strategy worked: they can’t steal this election if it isn’t close in a couple of states! It’s going to be a landslide!

  2. I salute your extraordinary effort Tuesday, Freedomrebel, you really put up the stories. I am having my house reroofed and got no sleep during the day, thus I was unable to focus on much during the day. Thanks again for all your hard work.

  3. Thanks, House of Roberts 🙂 I had several appointments yesterday, so I was gone for big blocks of time.

    I tried to get up the ones that I thought were most important when I had a chance… I’m pleased you liked the ones I put up. I’m blushing now…

    Sorry, to hear about your lack of sleep. I had that done to my last house, it drove me crazy for two days… I made sure I kept the guys in coffee in hopes that they would complete the job quicker. LOL My game plan didn’t work out so well, they were there longer than expected – see the company sent me an 8 man crew to finish it in a day.

    Good to see you as always 🙂

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