Honesty vs Hateful Rhetoric

Some GOP leaders and conservative columnists are expressing frustration with John McCain’s campaign. Is there chaos within the Republican Party? Rachel Maddow is joined by former Bush speech writer and author of “An End to Evil: How to Win the War on Terror,” David Frum. However, the interview turns sour as David Frum asserts that Rachel Maddow’s jokey tone is equivalent to the hateful rhetoric coming from McCain/Palin’s campaign rallies. Rachel stands her ground and makes Frum visibly nervous and uncomfortable.

David Frum is saying that both sides are at fault.  Instead of admitting that what we are witnessing at the GOP rallies is nothing short of people out of control, expressing violence, and racism.   Frum, if he had any real character and intregity, should have admonished what Palin has stirred up these rallies – and put the culpability where it belongs, which is ultimately on McCain.

21 thoughts on “Honesty vs Hateful Rhetoric

  1. The race card should be flushed down the toilet, and the real problem made clear. IT is not racism. People do not trust Obama because of his ties to terrorists who have phone banks set up in GAZA to solicit money and support for him.

    1. it is a matter of fact now that Obama has never submitted a legitimate birth certificate to prove his natural born status. He submitted a doctored photoshop version of something, without a seal or signature. It is considered to be a fraud. If he is not eligible to run for office, he needs to be replaced with a suitable candidate.

    2. I have received phone calls from HAMAS Muslims from out of the country who are campaigning for Obama. I find this offensive, especially the fact that my phone number is being given out to thugs overseas….the same thugs who want to blow up Israel , and us. They are pushing people for $200 donations, whether they vote for Obama or not. I told this guy named Mohamad that I was not voting for Obama, and he wanted my money anyhow. I am supposed to give this muslim my credit card number?

    Why are islamic terrorists allowed to campaign for an American election.?

    It should be considered conspiracy for Obama to be involved with Islamic terrorists from GAZA to gain support and money.

  2. So you received phone calls from people who identified themselves as Hamas Muslims? And you know they were outside of the country because the call came in and caller ID identified it from where?

    And when they called they identified themselves as terrorists?

    And you believe that the birth certificate is not valid and yet it hasn’t been totally discredited by the Clintons or the RNC. Then again you believe it’s never been submitted.

    You got a lying email and you feel the need to spread the lies further. Thanks for nothing Einstein.

  3. I guess Marianne posted on topic — she put her hateful rhetoric under the correct heading.

    BTW Marianne, just cuz somebody calls you and says they are evil Muslims collecting money for Obama, doesn’t make it so. People who call and try to scare money out of others are usually teevee evangelists or con men (or one and the same), and they know you’re a rube the minute you open your mouth.

    Keep spreading lies, and “heaven” won’t be waiting for you.

  4. I was a little taken aback last night by this exchange on Rachel’s show. Rachel was as always gracious. I can imagine this same exchange taking place on Bill O’Reilly’s show.. “cut his mic, cut his mic” “you shut up!”

    I just have 2 points to make.

    #1. When John McCain asked his audience “who is Barack Obama?” someone in the crowd yelled “Terrorist!”
    McCain heard that comment.. you can tell from the puzzled look on his face. He should have stopped then and corrected them. He didn’t.. he let it slide.
    So as far as Mr. Frum saying the candidates not hearing the crowd I don’t believe that assumption is correct.

    #2 He is repeating the current Republican talking points regarding Dems using the financial mess to have a bigger government. Could it happen? yes. Look what the Republicans did after 9/11.. they used 9/11 to assault our civil liberties. I reckon it’s ok when Republicans are “protecting us” from.. ourselves?

  5. Big government? Ask the repukes all about that. They have pretty much defined big government. It just isn’t spent on social services. You know, that whole “promote the general welfare” shit that is written down somewhere on some goddamn piece of paper. They have officially changed that to “promote the upper class and corporate welfare”.

  6. I watched Rachel’s show last night….Bobble head meet Brilliance was my take..A hateful man with no debate skill’s or intelect met a brilliant woman with class, humor and style…Clearly Lady Rachel has it all and show’s her much loved skill to us nightly…

    It must twist frum’s short’s in a knot to know he will not be remembered after the bush regime leave’s office but Rachel’s rise will increase as the public hunger’s for her truth and humor…

    Marianne, I get those kind of call’s all the time, LOL…I also get junkie hate filled email’s from a neighbor who is confused and in love with pitaful palin….He is 72 and a little addled like mccane…My response is nell…All my call’s are screened by my machine with my message “If you are a solicitor hang up NOW, for everyone else leave a message and maybe I will call you back”…My friend’s love that one and know to start talking or I won’t respond….

    If one allow’s, encourage’s or passes on hate they are pramoter’s of more of the same…Yesterday’s hate email from my dear deluded neighbor was responded with a written note back from me of all the fact’s I had aquired from Lady Z and other’s including what I knew instead of more hate…I gave him fact’s, figure’s and gentle suggestion of finelly voting for our best intrest and the best intrest of our country….I gave him tool’s to educate himself and proove mccane would be a worse case sinario and repeat of bush madness…

    I really don’t get those kind’s of call’s and I wonder how you got on a call list of radical reich winged hater’s….A change of associate’s may be in order…Blessings.P.S please forgive the miss spell’s.

  7. None so blind as those who will not see.



    Yet, people left comments on the latter blog such as “What a FAKE! Typeface is obviously from a modern computer. Would have been typwritten [sic] in 1961.” Totally heedless of the notices on the bottom “OHSM 1.1 (Rev. 11/01)LASER This copy serves as prima facie of the fact of birth in any court proceeding. [HRS 338-13(b), 338-19]”


    Just another way of saying that he’s onea them furrin’ turrists. “It’s in his bloodline.”


  8. Back on topic, Frum completely missed the fact that Maddow’s gouging at Palin’s North Korea gaff was a joke about something that actually happened. Cries that Obama is a terrorist are not fact-based. Again, he mumbles unspecifically about things said by Obama supporters (without citing them) and lumps them in the same basket with death threats coming out of the crowds at McCain rallies. If O supporters are doing the SAME KINDS of things, let’s see tape.

    “Let’s not focus on the fact that I strangled the kitten. And hey, it hissed at me.”

    Zooey said it the other day – it’s just a way of trying to diminish guilt by smearing it around. Yessir, Republican, the party of responsibility.

  9. Marianne, you are a dangerously ignorant woman.

    As has been shown with clear evidence and photographs by independent sources, the story about the birth certificate is a lie. Please look at the link that was provided above, and then post your retraction and apology here. Your failure to do so will provide proof to future visitors to this page that you are are a lying coward lacking any integrity.

    Regarding your assertion about Hamas calling you to solicit donations for Obama, I would like to see (a) evidence that this happened somewhere other than inside your own head, and (b) if so, evidence that the perpetrators had anything to do with Obama.

    I find these answers more likely: (1) you are lying; (2) some random criminal is looking to get money from dupes – nothing to do with politics; or (3) it is a practical joke being played on you by people who know what a gullible fruitcake you are.

    But if you believe what you say, you should report it to the FBI and CIA. I am sure they would be interested in investigating the matter. Please do so, and then post their resulting report here on this page so that future visitors will not conclude that you are a lying, cowardly, sack of manure.

  10. Frum made a fatal mistake in assuming he was the intellectual superior of Rachel Maddow. She ate his lunch.

    I will admit that her smarm occasionally is over the top, but she proved in that segment that she can and will shred the opposition whether they want to approach a subject in an oafish way (BillO) or a faux serious way (Frum).

  11. Good Morning to my favorite gorilla…Your endearing charm, wit and subtle manner is shining through…..I am sending you a 20 pound bunch of bananas as a gift for your last post….Priceless….Blessings

  12. You are way faster than I on this internet stuff….Now I must add another bunch of bananas for the second post as well..Your very welcome dear gorn…Blessings

  13. A short update on my old neighbor…Walked over to check on him a few minute’s ago and borrow a paper back…..He was crankie and sullen, know he read my response to his hate speech…I acted like any other day, no mud slinging or political junk…He drank the poison kool aid and wanted me to also and I responed with fact’s, no insult’s and place’s to read about the truth….Guess he will not have a good day but I will…Off to find a wizard..You all have a good day…Blessings

  14. Where did Maryanne go? I had a lot of questions. I am the sort who likes to strike up conversations with street people. I was hoping she might have been able to give me the redial number so I could chat it up with Hamas. It is weird to envision a bunch of Hamas members working the phones from cubicles in some rented office space packed to the gills with US phone books…Looney Tunes…

  15. Really db wouldn’t you love to hear that call, “I’m from Hamas and I’m here to help.” I was thinking that too since I get lots of calls from Democrats looking for money but I’ve never had anybody who sounded like a Mohammed call. Maybe they call my neighbors from Jordan instead.

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