Pfotenhauer: The “real Virginia” is more responsive to McCain

Nancy Pfotenhauer, an advisor to the McCain campaign, just now spoke on MSNBC about how northern Virginia is polling strongly for Obama due to democrats having moved there from DC,  but the rest of the state of Virginia, the “real Virginia” will be more responsive to McCain’s message.

This follows Sarah Palin just yesterday, in North Carolina, saying:

“We believe that the best of America is not all in Washington, D.C. We believe…we believe that the best of America is in these small towns that we get to visit, and in these wonderful little pockets of what I call the real America, being here with all of you hard working very patriotic, um, very, um, pro-America areas of this great nation.”

And Michelle Bachmann R-MN, stating that her fellow Congresspeople should be investigated as being anti-American.

When given the chance to correct their words, both Pfotenhauer and Bachmann stood by what they said.

Apparently, according to the Republican point of view, you are only a patriotic American if you are an unquestioning Republican sharing only their views.  Anyone who is not Republican, is anti-American.  Anyone who does not support McCain/Palin are traitors, terrorists or baby-killers. If you question any of their views or policies, it is a personal affront and not an attack against bad policy.

I don’t know about you, but I am very tired of  being labeled anti-American or unpatriotic because of my views and beliefs.  The First Amendment was specifically created to ensure that people could speak out against their government.

I think the Republican’s need to take a refresher course in The Constitution, that god-damned piece of paper which is the fundamental basis for this great country of ours: The United States of America.

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15 thoughts on “Pfotenhauer: The “real Virginia” is more responsive to McCain

  1. OMG – more politics of divisiveness. So what does that make all the other Virginians, residents of another State? This is so very stupid. It alienates Americans against Americans. Our economy is SO VERY CLOSE to collapse and McCain wants to distract us with nonsense.

  2. I think the reich would like to create enough discourse to call out marshall law before the election….Just my thinking…They appear to want a civi war yet again….Ugh!….We need lot’s of Blessings now.

  3. Interesting point, witch1.

    All we need to do is stay focused and work to get Obama elected. We can let Obama do the heavy lifting because that is what he is the leader. My financial adviser was telling me yesterday that the Republicans were hoping that the financial disaster would wait until after the election. The crisis is so bad that Paulson had to do something immediately. It couldn’t wait.

    We have been patient this long and we can wait another 17 days. Let’s not give them the civil crisis that they are longing for.

  4. Oh I won’t Lady Cat’s but there’s nothing I can do about wacko’s but ignore them…

    I made it to the Nov. election, sent off my ballot this morning, done all I can do to save our country, now I wait…Blessings

  5. “So what does that make all the other Virginians, residents of another State?”

    No, Cats, PHONY Virginians! Just like all us Obama supporters are phony Americans, soldiers against the war are phony soldiers (I know you remember the Rushbot accusing the soldiers). They don’t even think our votes should count.

    Witch1, you’re still our morale booster here all the way to election day!

  6. houseofrobert’s, the only thing I ever boosted was someone up on a very tall horse, but moral support I can do….Blessings

  7. I used to have the quaint idea that one of the big problems of the world is that it’s run by men, and that putting more women in charge would be a big improvement. How naive.

    I present to you exhibits A – F as evidence that men don’t have a corner on the political idiot market:

    Nancy Pfotenhauer
    Michelle Bachmann
    Michelle Malkin
    Ann Coulter
    Bay Buchanan
    Sarah Palin

    I guess I have to switch my hopes to hermaphrodites or eunuchs.

  8. Gorn,

    This is the type of woman who thinks that in order to be “equal” to a man, she has to be even worse than the worst of the men in their particular circle.

    They do a disservice to all women.

    Not that they care…they are hateful and self-loathing.

  9. How about this for a 2012 ticket:

    President: Zooey
    VP: Shayne
    Attorney General: MsJoanne
    Secretary of State: nwmuse
    Secretary of Defense: Cats
    Fed Chair: Jane Schneider
    UN Ambassador: EuropeanView

    Ummmm…. lookin’ pretty good…

  10. As long as you and Wayne are my speech writers, and they have large print on the teleprompter — I read real good. 😯

  11. Thank’s gorn, but the magic part may be a bit over my pay grade….LOL..I accept the Blessing’s part…

  12. Um, you all know that I do love Jane, but making her Fed Chair, um, I don’t know about that. I don’t want to get too personal, but suffice it to say that if Jane were made fed Chair, that chair would have a lot of cat hair on it.

  13. So, if I understand you correctly, “Real Virginia” refers to the part that seceded from the United States of America. “Real Virginia”? Alaska Independence Party? Do I detect a pattern here?

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