Colin Powell Endorses Obama – Slams McCain For Smears

Appearing on Meet the Press, former Secretary of State Gen. Colin Powell announces that he will back Barack Obama for president.


6 thoughts on “Colin Powell Endorses Obama – Slams McCain For Smears

  1. I suppose there are still some “Undecideds” out there who may be influenced by Powell’s endorsement, if that enigmatic group has any idea who Powell is. A Zac Efron endorsement would probably carry more weight with this bunch.

    What I found interesting about MTP this morning was the electoral college assessment at the end. I hadn’t really thought about it, but it seems pretty clear that the McCain camp has completely given up on the idea of winning the national popular vote. Even if they were to somehow pull out an electoral college victory, they will have a minority of the votes. No MAN-DATE for McCain.

    I’m not a big fan of the electoral college system, which gives a disproportionate weight to states with small populations like Wyoming and Alaska. To the extent that geography should have some influence in our presidential elections, maybe Maine comes closer to a decent model, where the electoral votes are allocated by congressional districts. Of course, such a system on a national level would only further the bizarre gerrymandering of these districts.

    I think there is a certain stain of illegitimacy to a president who does not win the popular vote. For instance, Dubya’s Supreme Court “victory” in 2000 would have probably been a little easier for some to swallow if he had not lost the popular vote.

  2. Who is Zac Efron? (I read the wiki on him, and I still don’t know. LOL)
    Gregg, even if the election is won by a minority of votes, but a majority of electors, that is still the rules under which the candidates must play, of course. I would prefer to see proportional awarding of the electors on a state by state basis, rather than by Congressional districts, or the winner-take-all system we have now. I agree, the gerrymandering would only get worse, if it was done district by district. It should be done by computer now anyway, once every ten years, with the most recent census data.
    I am in Alabama, and by the site you provided for us, my state has 9 votes. Obama has 35%, which would give him 3 of the 9 votes under a proportional system. This gives everybody a purpose to their vote, since even in a state where you are in the minority, your vote could help your candidate get that one more elector needed to win. It would also reduce the incentive for voter fraud, because the impact of cheating would only shift maybe one electoral vote, instead of the whole state. Maybe the risk of being caught would then be prohibitive. Republicans in California tried to change their law to get proportional electors, but it would only be fair if the whole country changed together.

    This endorsement by Colin Powell is the “Commander In Chief” credibility that Obama has needed, and hopefully will sway the few remaining undecideds for whom this quality was their biggest concern.

  3. I had lunch with my Dad today. I asked him what he thought of Colin Powell’s endorsement of Obama, and the things he said.

    He said it wasn’t surprising, and Powell has never been a “real” Republican.

    Yes, he’s a FOX viewer.

  4. Zooey, A 56 year old women today that called Obama a “socialist” to his face and told him to go home – called Powell a RINO.. Republican in name only, she likes Fox News also.. I image my father-in-law is saying the same thing. He adores Bill O’Reilly. I hate admitting that outloud..

    Some things are a constant in the universe…

  5. This crap is making me very nervous, Freb.

    I knew this election would be ugly, but it’s already worse than I thought it would be by election day.

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