McCain Voter Calls Obama “Socialist” In Diner

In Fayetteville, NC, today, at Cape Fear BBQ and Chicken, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., was greeted by a 54-year-old woman shouting “Socialist! Socialist! Socialist! Get out of here!”

The woman, Diane Fanning, who works at a Sam’s Club, was one of the many in the older and largely white crowd eating lunch after church services. Sitting next to Fanning, Lenox Bramble, 76, gave her an angry look at her. “Be civil, be courteous,” he said. He later told a reporter he’s voting for Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., and doesn’t think Obama has enough experience.

Another diner, Cecilia Hayslip, 61, yelled back at Fanning, “At least he’s not a war-monger!”

Obama came to the long table where Fanning was eating with fellow congregants from the local First Presbyterian church. Obama held out his hand to her. “How are you, ma’am?” he asked.

She refused to shake his hand.

“You’re doing a great job,” Betty Waylett, 76, told Obama. Waylett’s a Republican but says she plans to vote for Obama.

 The rest of the story at Political Punch.

14 thoughts on “McCain Voter Calls Obama “Socialist” In Diner

  1. I’m beginning to believe that some people are incapable of doing better. How can you just come from church and behave in such an ignorant fashion? Even if I’m not voting for Senator McCain, I would never not shake an extended hand of a Presidential nominee and neither would I act like I have never been taught basic rules of public decency. The most ignorant often convince themselves that they are superior. I do despair. At the townhall debate between John McCain and Senator Obama, I saw a woman in the audience also refuse to shake the senator’s extended hand. Where do these people come from that causes them to lack even basic common decency? *sighs*

  2. Steadycat, there’s only one explanation and we all know what it is. Hint: it has nothing to do with socialism.

  3. steadycat – you’re correct. Some people lack basic manners and don’t realize how stupid they look when they are rude and insulting to others. It is sad for them because eventually they lose friends and end up as lonely people.

  4. I have to agree with Gorn on this one. I don’t think it has anything at all to do with socialism. I am against Obama’s policies, but it would still be an honor to meet him and shake his hand. The guy has made it a lot further than many expected.

  5. Apparently being a socialist is as criminal in this country as being an Arab or a Muslim or a Chicago politician. Who is the McCain campaign going to alienate tomorrow?

  6. Shayne, in answer to your question..Nun’s and witch’s…Funny thing is my buddy Kat and I have talked about socialism at length over the year’s and found that I, we, are both socialist dem’s..Well guess that put’s me in two catagories..They alway’s say witch’s and socialist like they are a bad thing….LOL…..

    While I am conservative in a few thing’s like spending, I favor health care for all, upgrading and providing education from pre school through college for anyone wanting to go, job creation and improving our infastructure combined, raising wage’s to fit inflation so all can survive and safety net’s along with education for the poor and strugeling…

    I guess I am of the mindset that our country and her people are like little boat’s tied up to a dock and we rise or fall with the tide…It’s time to change the tide so all rise to the level of the one big steamer that has been making huge wake’s that have sunk many of the little boat’s….The steamer need’s to be scraped and the little boat’s now must be a huge fleet of happy sailor’s…Just my thinking… Blessings

  7. I see your point there #1. And I’m guilty of wanting to pay the taxes my generation has spent on a foolish war rather than leave the debt to the children of today to worry about. The sad thing is that the people who voted for W and are now supporting McCain are the people who got us into this mess and now they’re afraid they may have to HELP get us out of it. Republican = selfish bastards.

  8. As usual I’m paying bills for my business today #1. And it’s time to pay quarterly taxes. If we ever made any profit I’d be paying estimated taxes but that hasn’t been a problem for years. If John McCain wanted to help small business owners he’s adjust payroll taxes instead of capital gains taxes but it’s all bullshit as we know.

  9. Yep! Shayne..I don’t know what it’s like to have employee’s but I do know what it’s like to have a small farm…Had to hire a guy once a year to put everything together.

    Way back then there was diffrent depreciation rate’s on shed’s, cage’s, wire fencing, nest box bedding and then feed and vaccine..I kept my reciept’s on everything and in diffrent catagorie’s so it alway’s went well..The neighbor that had the big ranch and his own feed room had the guy stay at his home for a full week, but then he just threw everything in cigar boxe’s..The state (here ) at the time even came out and assesed taxe’s on our shed’s equipment and animal’s…Think I may have posted the true story of the ding bat that came out and didn’t read my one inch lettered sign to “Stay in your car untill dog’s are chained”, my insurance carrier mad me put that up….Came home late after work and my dog’s had him on the hood of his car, he had been there all day….LOL.He was mad and I said “You can’t read”..They would let people out of their car but stop them from getting back in…Wonderful dog’s and they never bit any one but scared the crap out of many who would not read.

    It must be a royal night mare to own a small business or ranch these day’s..In Montana every year the accessor would send out a livestock form asking for you to list all the livestock and poultry..The amount I paid in taxe’s on the Clyde’s and saddle horses only amounted to a couple of dollors a year for each animal…Packer’s with large string’s or cattlemen would pay a great deal more than I but then they also got the benefit of cheap leases for using state land for grazing while I had to buy all my feed year around…

    There are some huge problem’s that need to be addressed in the tax system and it need’s to start at the bottom instead of the top……Sorry for the length again….Blessings

  10. I agree also with the pay as you go on the war funding…Along with we never should of gone there and we need to end it now…Blessings

  11. As much as I despise the man’s politics, if John McCain were standing in front of me extending his hand to be shaked, I would shake it.

    I might then ask him about his close friend, G. Gordon Liddy, who once advocated shooting ATF agents in the head where they wear no protective armor. (This was on his radio program, after he did his prison time.)

  12. Witch1,

    I have advocated for a while now that our biggest problem in discussing the war in Iraq is that we let the right-wing frame the discussion. They always ask us, “Well, how would you win the war in Iraq?” This frames the question in such a way that it makes the invasion of Iraq legitimate, which it wasn’t. Only someone who lives with his head in the sand would not know by now that we were lied to about the threat posed by Iraq. Cheney, himself, even lied to Republican leaders in the House to get their vote. The invasion was illegal and unnecessary. Any discussion on what to do now must start with the acknowledgement that we should never have invaded in the first place. Without this framework, all other discussions give legitimacy to the invasion, and it has none.

    Back O/T: We already ahve a limited amount of Socialism in our government, and there’s nothing wrong with that. The Anti-Socialists in this country equate it with Communism, and that’s why they decry anything that smells of Socialism. I know one thing, we can’t live in a purely capitalistic country. If the Capitalists had their way, every road in the country would be sold to private interests and be turned into a toll road; evey body of water would be sold to private interests and “the market” would decide just how high a price we are willing to pay for something as basic to survival as water (and we would just have to hope that the people selling us the water will recognize from the beginning that clean water sells better, but who would know?); and clear air laws would probably be abandoned and a new market will open for oxygen tanks so you could breathe (at a price, of course).

    Pure Capitalism doesn’t work, either. Not if you want to eliminate slavery.

  13. As would I, Wayne. My Mom taught us manners.

    My sisters and I learned that we certainly do not have to like or even respect everyone, but we damn well better be civil. If that means shaking the hand of someone who makes me want to puke, then that’s what I will do.

    Of course, I have the option of not putting myself in a position to shake such a hand. 😉

  14. Great post’s and I agree with both. my granny taught me manner’s.On the other side though I try not to put myself in the position of having to shake a nut cases hand or be in the middle of a riot, done both when I was young and could run fast..To slow now..

    On the socialist subject I believe in socialized medical care, perhap’s, across the board and including all state’s a better public school system and huge pay raises for teacher’s…Rather it is done in the individule state’s or supported nation wide by our tax dollers I’m for more book’s than bullett’s for war’s..If one school has a pool they all should have.. I think it is to our countries advantage to support the Art’s..We should not allow our park’s and wilderness to be distroyed or baught up by big business…Our military should be for protecting our country, not invasion’s and most off all, all our troup’s around the world where they are not wanted should be brought home, now..All people of need should have housing available along with food and education to help them raise themselve’s above their situtaion,….All our infrastructure need’s repair despretely.. If we spent the money on all the above and created the job’s at all level’s for the unemployed we would turn our broken country into a well run home for all our people….There should be equal trade only, foreign countries send a product to sell, we send one of our’s back..No equal trade no more junk allowed..We should be paying our debt’s..No more borrowing from foreign countries…That’s my conservative touch.

    I read you post on TP about phrasing the question on the Iraq war and I agree, gave you a hit..You write so well and I rarely miss your post’s..

    I love the dream of what I thought our country was before I started reading and finding out what we really are and have alway’s been, the most war like country in the world, in my opinion…From the time of the distruction of the native american’s all through waring on little countries for their spice’s..Our record with the world suck’s…We should be in the business of saving and educating not distroying entire countries..Diplomacy and disarmament by action’s……Just relating my thought’s….Thank’s for the great post’s….Blessings. P/S guess we would be the 2nd worst…Remembering the holocost…Sorry for the length.

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