4 thoughts on “Monday Open Thread

  1. Two weeks, one day out.

    Intrade still looking favorable at Obama 84.5% to McIIIrd’s 15.3%.

    I’ll be in New Orleans for a data warehousing conference that whole week, so I decided to go up Canal street to the Obama HQ on Monday night and spend a few hours calling GOTV.
    Then Tuesday night I’ll be going to the HQ for, fingers crossed nojinx hopefully a victory party.

  2. Good Morning RUCerious,…..Wow! a trip to N.O. I am so jealious…Have a great trip..

    For the first time ever I got my vote back in the mail Sat..Alway’s before I would read over the voter’s pamphlet and fuss over it for a week…My ballot crossed the path of the pamphlet which arrived on Sat..Glad I knew all the issue’s and people to vote for before hand..

    Hope all is well in your neck of the wood’s..Hug’s to sweet Amber from me and slobber kisses from Oso….Blessings

  3. All kinds of positive local polling news today. On the national polls, Obama slipped a little bit over the weekend, but on the local polls he’s got some strong results:

    North Carolina +7
    Ohio +9
    Virginia +10
    Missouri -1 (only!)

  4. From the site:
    October 20, 2008
    The Cafferty File
    Posted: 04:00 PM ET
    Jack will be in The Situation Room tomorrow.

    Maybe we’ll find out what happened?

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