WV Voting Machines Switched Vote From Democrat To Republican

Update:  Video from The Young Turks!

Voters are rightfully upset in West Virginia when they pushed the screen for Obama it changed to McCain.  Shelba Ketchum, a 69-year-old retired nurse had this to say to reporters.

“I pushed buttons and they all came up Republican,” she said. “I hit Obama and it switched to McCain. I am really concerned about that. If McCain wins, there was something wrong with the machines.

“I asked them for a printout of my votes,” Ketchum said. “But they said it was in the machine and I could not get it. I did not feel right when I left the courthouse. My son felt the same way.

“I heard from some other people they also had trouble. But no one in there knew how to fix it,” said Ketchum, who is not related to Menis Ketchum, a Democratic Supreme Court candidate.

Democracy Now notes, these problems only seem to be in two counties in West Virginia.

In West Virginia, voters in at least two counties using touchscreen voting machines have claimed their votes were switched from Democrat to Republican. Six voters reported having this problem in Jackson and Putnam Counties. In both counties, Republicans are responsible for overseeing elections. Election officials blamed voters for not being more careful. Both counties use machines made by Election Systems & Software.

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The Charleston Gazette has comments from other voters who experienced problems.

Ketchum’s son, Chris, said he had the same problem. And Bobbi Oates of Scott Depot said her vote for incumbent Democratic Sen. John D. Rockefeller was switched to GOP opponent Jay Wolfe.

“I touched the one I wanted, Rockefeller, and the machine put a checkmark on the Republican instead,” Oates said of her experience Thursday.

She said she caught the mistake, called over a worker in the county clerk’s office and was able to correct her vote. But she worries other voters may not catch such a mistake.

When asked if she is sure she touched the box for Rockefeller, she said, “I’m absolutely positive.”

As Democracy Now noted, the only two counties so far with problems are ones run by Republicans.  Hopefully, they will get this problem fixed right away.  I’m just glad the voters caught the malfunction.  If I hear anymore on the West Virginia voting irregularities, I will post an update.

29 thoughts on “WV Voting Machines Switched Vote From Democrat To Republican

  1. Get out the pencils and paper. It’s long past time for this shit to stop.

    Why is it that the votes always switch from Democrat to Republican, and not the other way around?

  2. How about a little journalistic accuracy: according to West Virginia sources, those voters who experienced problems were able to cast their ballots as they desired. According to the people who run West Virginia’s elections, the problem is screen calibration, which can be fixed at the poling place. The reason we hear so much from Democrats is that they are convinced that theirs is the only vote that should count. They are not concerned with voter registration and election fraud if it benefits their candidate. That and it makes for good propaganda. There is no Republican plot to rig elections. If we were so good at it how did we loose the elections in 2006? If the democrat looses it’s always because of vote fraud, vote suppression or some mythical republican nefariousness. When you loose you loose because your candidate fails to attract enough votes to win. That may seem unfair to the entitlement party but that is what is. Get used to it and stop whining. The whole world hates a whining loser but despises a whining winner.

  3. This is interesting from BradBlog..
    The director and executive producer of “Uncounted: The New Math of American Elections” voted in WV and this happened:

    The Earnhardts’ story of what happened to them last Friday when, among other things, Patricia’s attempt to vote for Obama on the ES&S touch-screen wouldn’t register at all, and at one point, with a poll-worker trying to help, had actually registered a vote for Green Party candidate Cynthia McKinney — five rows away from Obama on the screen — follows below.

  4. And you don’t think there have been glitches on the other side? Please…this is like someone saying McDonald’s spit on their hamburger because they have a McCain bumper sticker on their car.

  5. It’s not a glitch when someone has been payed to write the software that controls the voting numbers and will flip the totals in key voting areas.

    That is called election fraud. Watch “Uncounted: The New Math of American Elections”. There was a whistleblower, a member of the Republican party, who was approached to write that software and offered the big bucks by the GOP. This was a must-see DVD.

  6. In my state, Ohio, republicans are suing to block newly registered voters from voting over clerical errors.
    tonimwoods, how can you spin that one to be innocent?

    How many voters didn’t notice and just kept voting?

  7. If any vote ever changed from McCain to Obama — even once — there would be immediate howling by the Right that the terrorist is stealing the election.

    That’s how we know it hasn’t happened yet.

  8. It doesn’t matter which party benefits or hurts. We all lose when there are mistakes/glitches/cheating at the voting booth. The value of our vote changes.

    There needs to be strict protocol in place for any such contingencies.

    What’s galling is that there isn’t more outrage on the part of the people. Where are We?

  9. You’re right, hobbes21. We all lose when the vote is corrupted.

    We at the Zoo have been working to expose these problems since we started this blog over a year ago — and we worked individually before then.

    That’s where we are.

  10. I hope you don’t mind me linking this post in my blog. I was sitting down today to write about this, and well, you’ve done a fine job.

    It scares the hell out of me, quite frankly.

    Thanks for making people aware that our system is not-too-surprisingly f*cked up in favor for the GOP.

  11. As long as our elections are privatized, as long as there is no transparency and nobody is allowed to look at the code used in the machines, as long as there is no paper trail to verify that your vote went for the person you chose, as long as there is no way to do a recount, there will be no way to trust the results. If we can’t trust our elections, we no longer have a democracy. It is all theater.

  12. Question. Why, if all the voting machines are rigged did the Republicans loose the house and senate in 2006? Damned inept if you ask me.

  13. I did. The overwhelming evidence is that ACORN is the most prodigious supplier of fraudulent voter registrations ever. They are under investigation in several states and implicated in massive registration fraud in every battleground state. Every one of their phony registrations is reportedly Democrat. Several ACORN employees stand convicted of voter registration fraud. Those are the facts. No amount of rationalization can alter those facts. Your idiotic conspiracy theories can not alter the facts. If you do not accept the facts you are the one listening to and accepting the phony talking points.

  14. Have you read about David Iglesias, who used to be a US Attorney and who was a rising star in the GOP before he was fired?


    He has a lot to say about ACORN. It is partly responsible for getting him fired. He was pressured to bring a prosecution case against ACORN and voter fraud right before the last presidential election, but could find nothing that he could prosecute. Not one single case. There WAS no evidence of voter fraud. Because he wouldn’t go along with the GOP, he was fired. Then he was smeared to discredit him further.

    He looked into over 100 cases and found nothing.

    PJ, you need to do more reading on this subject.

  15. Swing and a miss. Is this the same New Mexico ACORN unit currently under investigation by the FBI for voter registration fraud? It may be legally distinct but the average person sees voter registration fraud as a serious crime. It seems Mr. Iglesias may have missed a few things and booted a solid prosecution. If he looked into one hundred cases and found nothing perhaps he needs new glasses. It is amazing that liberals smear their opponents by claiming the opponent just smeared was actually smearing the liberals. If you do not understand the comment, read Nineteen Eighty Four by Eric Arthur Blair.

  16. Don’t you mean George Orwell, dumbass?

    If you’d actually ever read Nineteen Eighty-Four, you wouldn’t dream of bringing it up as any sort of defense for cons.

    Go educate yourself. We’ll be here…

  17. Zooey, you beat me to it.. 😀

    PJ, perhaps you could stop listening to GOP talking points long enough to do some investigating and reading on your own. Then you might get a little closer to the truth.

    Mr. Iglesias didn’t miss anything, and there is plenty written on all of this. Just look for it if you truly are interested in learning the truth.

  18. Dis you actually know who Mr. Blair was or did you guess from reading the title of his book. As for defending conservatives, you do need a bit more education. Truth Speak is the language of political correctness; a dialect perfected by liberals who desperately need to conceal their true intentions in order to usurp power. How else do you explain an energy bill that prohibits drilling where we know there is oil while permitting drilling in areas that do not have any oil? How else do you explain an income redistribution plan based upon massive tax increases as sold as tax cuts for people who don’t pay any taxes? Truth as fiction, fiction as truth that should be your mantra.

    As for the plenty written on the DOJ firings, most of it is pure garbage, editorials masquerading as news items. Again, truth as fiction, fiction as truth.

    How else do you explain failed repressive socialist policies touted as progressive change. Truth as fiction, fiction as truth.

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