McCain Campaign Outreach to Women – Attack Feminists

This is part of the transcript of the video courtesy of Steve Benen.

Davis explained that Palin drives “liberal feminists” “nuts” because “she’s a conservative Republican” who’s working as a governor. Bennett agreed, adding, “Let me give you three things that I think drives them crazy, and you don’t have to comment. That’s she’s very attractive. That she’s very competent or that she’s very happy. You know, as a human being.”

After Rick Davis slams “liberal feminists” with Bennett, then John McCain on Monday had some harsh criticisms about the Feminist left also.

Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., speaks to supporters, Monday, Oct. 20, 2008, in St. Charles, Mo. McCain opened his remarks in St. Charles by defending Palin against unspecified attacks.

“My friends, it’s remarkable the comments of the feminist left about Sarah Palin,” he said to a chorus of boos. “I want to tell you, I am so proud of the way she has energized America. She is a reformer, she is a great leader, she is the most popular governor in America, and I can hardly wait to introduce her to Washington, D.C.”

Yesterday, the New York Times reports that Palin was flanked with women from NOW and was taking a strong feminist attack against Obama.  So on Tuesday feminists are good people now.  This is what Palin said at the rally.

Ms. Palin spoke flanked by female supporters she described as members of the Democratic platform committee and the National Organization for Women. She took a strongly feminist tack throughout, criticizing practices such as honor killings in the Muslim world as well as inequities closer to home and singling out female owners of small businesses, especially one she described as “Irma the Restaurant Owner.”

“Our opponents think they have the women’s vote all locked up, which is a little presumptuous since only our side has a woman on the ticket,” she said. She added, referring to Mr. Obama: “When it came time for choosing a vice president, somehow he couldn’t bring himself to choose a woman who got 18 million votes in the primaries.”

Ignoring her differences with leading feminist groups over issues such as abortion, Ms. Palin presented herself as a feminist pioneer.

Hat tip to Steve Benen at the Political Animal, I agree there is absolutely no logic in this at all. Talk about a major flip-flop. LOL

3 thoughts on “McCain Campaign Outreach to Women – Attack Feminists

  1. I’m with you, Zooey. If her looks didn’t give guys a boner she’d never have made onto the ticket. What an airhead.

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