The confusion of John McCain

Our commenter gracielynn has pointed out on one of our threads:

The one thing that I noticed that was prevalent with the John McCain debate is that he did use a lot of wrong words and word substitution. This is upsetting because he not only is elderly but this is also unfortunately one of the first signs that Alzheimer’s disease may be approaching. If you watch the debate you can see he was struggling with dialogue and word choice

That made me take a closer look.

Then there was the NYT front page , discussing the health records of the candidates. I couldn’t agree more with that article.

And then there are instances like this:

and this:

And more, of course. You just head to “Youtube” and search for “McCain confused” and you’ll find a collection there.

Now. I am not a doctor and I can and will not judge John McCain’s health from rumours and “Youtube” clips. There is just the fact that many people have similar concerns as gracielynn and McCain’s choice for running mate augments apprehension in some. As a whole I’ve seen 72 year olds who would have crumbled when put under the stress of a presidential campaign. By this standard John McCain holds up remarkably well. But the office of POTUS in these times of constant crisis will be even more tasking. And it is one thing to succumb to confusion, disorientation and judgmental error in a campaign. It is a whole different matter when the man confused, disoriented and misjudging is the POTUS in a crisis.

For the record. You can find the early symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease here and more possible explanations for similar symptoms here.

John McCain and the other three candidates need to make their health records public before the election. To know about the physical and psychological condition of a President or potential President is one of the facts that are needed to make an informed choice before voting.

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