Why Does God Hate Democracy?

Sarah Palin believes that God will intervene in the upcoming election in order to ensure her victory, regardless of prevailing voter opinion. In an interview with James Dobson of Focus on the Family, Palin said:

“I know at the end of the day putting this in God’s hands, the right thing for America will be done, at the end of the day on Nov. 4.”

It is that intercession that is so needed. And so greatly appreciated. And I can feel it too, Dr. Dobson. I can feel the power of prayer, and that strength that is provided through our prayer warriors across this nation. And I so appreciate it.”

She also described herself as “hardcore pro-life” and said that “John McCain is solidly there on those solid planks in our platform that build the right agenda for America.”

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13 thoughts on “Why Does God Hate Democracy?

  1. zooeyibz, Ceausescu did it in Romania.

    Ceausescu made abortions and any form of contraception illegal. He created a law that demanded all women give birth to at least 5 children. He was trying to increase the population by over 50% in a single decade – to increase the work force and spread Communism.

    He took it further than that. The ‘pregnancy police’ pulled women from the workplace or went into their homes and checked them to make sure they weren’t doing anything that would prevent a pregnancy. Doctors who performed abortions were imprisoned. Women caught trying to prevent a pregnancy were jailed.

    He exported all their natural resources outside the country, there were no products on the shelves in the stores and food was tough to come by (long lines to get into markets just for things like milk), and people were so poor they couldn’t take care of the children they were forced to bear.

    Kids were dropped off at orphanages or abandoned. The orphanges were filled with over 100,000 babies with not enough people to care for them, and not enough supplies to take care of their needs. The children died, were malnurished, suffered serious delays, didn’t recieve health care, suffered serious attachment disorder and cognitive deficits, and if they survived, when they reached 18 were turned out onto the streets to fend for themselves.

    Christmas day 1989 Ceausescu and his wife were shot.

    My youngest son came from one of those orphanages. His birth mother left him in the hospital after giving birth to him because she was extremely poor and couldn’t care for him.
    When we adopted him, he was just under 2 years old, he was filthy, had no language, had scabies and giardia, had severe sensory deprivation and malnutrition, had never been outside his crib and never been out of that room, and was severely attachment disordered. He will suffer the effects of his start in life for the rest of his life – no matter how much therapy and help we’ve sought for him and been through.

    He’s not alone. There is an entire country filled with these damaged young people who are adults now.

    Yes, Ceausescu was crazy, extreme, and a Communist, but making birth control and abortion illegal in this country – forcing women and families to have children that can’t care for – is wrong. Especially when the people who would legislate this would then also cut the social programs, medical care for those who couldn’t afford insurance, wages for parents, funding for schools, etc.. All the things needed to care for these children once they are born.

    Pro-life my ass.

  2. Gee, Sarah, are you sure God is going to intervene and make you and John the winners? And if, as current polling suggests, Obama and Biden are victorious, on whom will you blame that? The Devil? Allah? Jupiter?

    Sorry to have to spell this out for you, Sarah (oh, and I have decided that you have not earned enough of my respect to address you as Gov or even Mrs palin), but if your election plans depend on divine intervention, you are very likely going to lose.

    Good luck in therapy.

  3. Wayne, the mentality of the deluded goes something like this:

    If we win: it is god’s will.

    If we lose: it is god’s inscrutable plan.

    Evidently god is the ultimate con man: both sides of his coin come up godheads.

  4. I’ll ask the obvious..

    Aren’t we ALL God’s children (not just in America..)? So then, does anyone really believe God chooses sides in any issue? Does he really take the side in any conflict?

  5. I’ll be happy to answer the obvious:

    “Aren’t we ALL God’s children (not just in America..)?”

    One would assume so, given that supposedly he created all of us, we behave in accordance with his intelligently designed characteristics, and he already knows in advance everything we will ever do.

    “So then, does anyone really believe God chooses sides in any issue?”

    Yes, this is believed by every fanatic worldwide, including all those fervent evangelicals.

    “Does he really take the side in any conflict?”

    Only in every conflict in the history of the planet. Followers on each side are certain that God is on their side and not the other.

    Apparently God is schizophrenic, or else he’s a REALLY poor designer. I don’t think he offers a warranty either.

    You know you’re in trouble if you go into the confession booth to call on God for help, and the call gets redirected to Ramesh in Bangalore. 😉

  6. Being that W is a retard I found it hard to believe that he could be elected, and when he was RE-elected I was stunned for months.

    Yet, here we are again. Barack Obama is spot on: we cannot take for granted that because he/we speak the voice of reason that there aren’t more idiots than there are stupid people.

    Don’t fuck it up. Make sure you call your parents (I did). For some reason they just vote the party that they have always voted without putting much, if any, thought into it.

    Can you say “Barry Goldwater”?

  7. I meant to say “more idiots than smart people” but I am irritated and tired and I made a mistake/gaffe as sometimes even politicians do…

    I correct myself.

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