Proud to be an American?

Not so much when I see stuff like this.


7 thoughts on “Proud to be an American?

  1. Wow. Hateful.

    The most disturbing thing to me was when that little girl was acting like a monkey. Her parents taught her that, and that’s child abuse.

    The adults in that clip are ignorant racist fools.

  2. I had a neighbor like this a couple years ago. He proudly flew a Confederate flag on his pickup truck.

    He pulled into the parking lot at the same time as me one day, and I said to him, “Tell me about your flag.”

    He said, “Huh?” I repeated myself.

    He said, “I’m proud to be an American!”

    I said, “So why don’t you fly an American flag?”

    He said, “Bitch,” and walked off.

    I laughed.

  3. Sadly I saw a lot of people like these over a year ago on the opposit side of the street’s we were marching on….Fear, hate and bigotry brought to us compament’s of the republican party…..

    I am weary and tired of the repeat of the miserable past I thought we had over come….Blessings, we can only hope to recieve them..

  4. Too bad the MSM doesn’t show these people. It would send the undecideds running to Obama. Last night on Bill Maher and PBS they had Republicans lamenting what has become of the party. How is used to represent intelligence but now has been reduced to this. There was even a guy who was an economist for Reagan who said the Bush and McCain have gotten it all wrong.

  5. Okay, first of all, you gotta love that guy at the end who yelled “Bullshit,” then turned so you could see he was carrying a small child under his arm.

    Second, “Read ‘The Communist Manifesto’, it’s all in there.” For the record, I, a liberal-libertarian, have never read ‘The Communist Manifesto’, nor do I have any plans to. I find it strange that so many conservatives apparently have. BTW, some of the most rabid conservatives, like David Horowitz, who spout the kind of angry rhetoric you hear these people regurgitating, was once a communist. That is a fact.

    Lastly, Zooey, about your pickup truck guy with the Confederate Flag. Next time you run into him, consider pointing out that if he’s “Proud to Be An American” (a popular song by a guy who dodged the Vietnam draft and fled to Canada, returning home only after President Carter gave them amnesty. Conservatives have their hated enemy, Jimmy Carter, to thank for giving us Lee Greenwood. Oh, the irony.), then why does he fly the flag of the army that has inflicted the most casualties on American soldiers over any other army?

    I have some e-mails to check. Catch you later.

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