Charges Filed Against 26 Washington Anti-War Protesters

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26 Peace activists of the 42 that demonstrated and were arrested at the Port of Olympia protesting Iraq war shipments – the Thurston County prosecutors have decided to file misdemeanor charges at the last possible moment. We all know how dangerous anti-war protesters are, so the county prosecutors are going to charge them with disorderly conduct. What a sham..

Each of the 26 was charged Friday with one count of attempted disorderly conduct and one count of obstructing a law enforcement officer. Most of those charged were women.

For one week in November, protesters blocked shipments of Stryker vehicles and other military cargo from the Port of Olympia to Fort Lewis. The military equipment was used in the Iraq war.

Larry Hildes, a lawyer, said he was angry the charges were filed so close to the one-year statute of limitations running out.

Hildes said some of the women who were arrested Nov. 13 were forced to disrobe in plain view of policemen at the Olympia City Jail.

Here is the link to the picture of how 3 policemen treated one protester. Two policemen were spraying him in the face while he was on the ground, trying to protect his face and the third one pointing a gun at him. As you will see, it was completely unnecessary. This picture speaks a thousand words. None of them good.

2 thoughts on “Charges Filed Against 26 Washington Anti-War Protesters

  1. The gun being pointed at the protester is a beanbag gun commonly used for riot control, so classified as “less than lethal”.

    As for whether or not the polieces actions were justified, it would be hard to tell from just the picture.

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