Palin: Obama is a Communist who will take your freedoms

Apparently, the Socialist line isn’t strong enough. Now Obama is a full-out Communist who will create a collective and take away your freedom.

Could the Republicans become any more unhinged?

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16 thoughts on “Palin: Obama is a Communist who will take your freedoms

  1. Umm, Palin is a xiano-fascist who will definitely take your freedom, your religious freedom, your kids for her armaggedon war…

  2. spider, my wife’s is Vietnamese, and her dad spent 8 years in a North Vietnamese jail after the fall of Saigon.
    Don’t worry, we’re not going to put you in prison for 8 years after Obama cleans McIIIrd’s clock.
    But don’t expect us to tolerate your whining about paying your fair share of taxes to clean up the mess left by eight years of BushitCo.

  3. The USA Patriot Act: Enacted by Republicans.
    The Real ID Act: Enacted by Republicans.
    Illegal Wiretapping: Enacted by Republicans.
    Shredding the Constitution: Republicans.

    Take my freedoms? What’s left to take?

  4. 39 seconds in, someone in the crowd yells, “he’s a traitor!”

    Queen Wannabe “the government moving into the role as…the other half of our family”

    you mean, kinda like a Big Brother???

  5. Iolair,

    I caught the “he’s a triator” comment, too, but obviously Sarah Darling didn’t hear it, or we would have to believe that she would have repudiated it, according to what McCain promised us.

  6. One last thing, this wouldn’t be so difficult if the Republicans would just learn to stop lying through their collective teeth. They are completely distorting reality in an effort to scare people into voting for McCain. It’s too bad they can’t possibly truthfully tell people a positive reason to vote for McCain. Instead, they make up lies and confuse their listeners in an effort to get them to vote against Obama.

    Now, I listen to what Obama says and I have positive reasons to vote for him. True, he does list some give people reasons to vote against McCain, but at least the things he says about McCain and why you shouldn’t vote for him are true. The same simply cannot be said about the McCain campaign’s reasons to vote against Obama. Those are flat out lies.

  7. If someone has lived in a Communist country and Obama sounds familiar, it is because Obama sounds the voice of hope.

    Palin must be speaking to crowds of either the super wealthy, or the super stupid. Because unless you’re netting over a quarter million a year, you’ll pay more under McCain’s redistribution of wealth than Obama’s.

    Simply put, McCain, like Bush, wants to redistribute wealth upward, to his base.

    Obama wants to invest in Americans who aren’t born with a silver spoon in their mouths; a redistribution of wealth downwards, to allieviate the barriers far too many Americans face which prevents their access to the “American dream.”

  8. Great post’s, all but one..Another one of my little true storie’s that I submit for the benefit of all to read or skip over….Short back ground to start..The owner’s of the resort I manage volunterely are absent with the exception of showing up once a month to pick up the rent’s and reciept’s or if I call them about a major problem like having the septic pumped or a huge tree has blown down from a wind storm…I only see them 12 time’s a year with the same amount of phone call’s…I handle all the petty little squabbles of the renter’s and the public on a daily bases alone..The owner’s don’t even spend time with any of the resident’s when they come out…

    Last Thursday Chris, the owner, called and came out to pick up the rent’s… He was looking at my truck bumper with all the sticker’s and started up a wine about taxes, socialism and the upcoming election… all the while sounding much like a republican…I entertained him with the opposite view’s and contradicted many of his baught into lie’s from the reich with truth from my perspective….In the end I asked him who he was thinking of voting for and he said,”Im not registered to vote”…..The game, set, match, went to my side and I teased him gently with…..Well then, it appear’s I am more steadfast in my conviction’s and willing to put my vote where my mouth is rather I totaly agree with the choice of the dem’s or not, I want what’s best for the country for sure..Nice to know your vote for the crazy old man won’t cancel out mine…A couple of time’s I thought my comment’s were going to give him whip lash, guess he had not spent much time realy checking out diffrent issues and had totaly forgotten about all the misery the present administration has created….I did keep everything light and not at all personal and made a light comment that since he was not voting one way or the other the choice of our nation will go to those who do vote, suggested he register for the 2012 vote so his choice would have a real voice…

    I must say I was suprised a 40 something, educated young man in business do’s not vote, did not have a recollection of all that has happened these past 8 year’s untill I brought them up and seemed blind to good solution’s….Think in the end, many have given away their power of the vote in their quest for building their own tiny empire’s and they also have turned away from caring about their fellow man and country…..The generation of neglect for the many to build wealth for the one…..Blessings all.Please for give the length once more.

  9. Funny you should mention the non-registered, non-voting whiners, Great Lady.

    My friend Sandy was telling me about her son, daughter-in-law, and her parents were having a ginormous bitch and whine fest about the presidential candidates and politics in general. They asked her who she was voting for, and she said Obama. She asked who they were voting for, and every single one of them said “Voting is a waste of time. We’re not even registered.”

    My friend was stunned. Not about the in-law parents, they’re idiots, but about her own son and daughter-in-law. Like me, she’d taken her sons into the voting booth with her since they were babies, and thought she’d impressed on them the importance of the voting process.

    The apathy is stunning — especially in these times.

  10. Good Morning Dear Lady Z…Yep! you are correct..I was entertaining the idea of not voting or voting for Nader for a short period and chascised Obama profusely for his vote on FISA and a couple of speeche’s regarding Israel but in the end as everything unfolded, I read and conversed more with other’s and went back to my old unbroken record of allway’s voting..I got over my mad..I think a person has no right to complain if they leave the decesion’s to other’s…It is a lazy mind and body to give another the power of one’s choice’s, at the very least it is like refusing to grow up and take responsability or more like allowing the king to rule…

    So good to read you here…I hope you are having a great day….Sending many Blessings to you and your young men…

  11. great story, W-1

    and it goes to show, one does not have to be good at spelling to be a good citizen. Bless you for all you do.

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