Saturday Open Thread

While there is a chance of the world getting through its troubles, I hold that a reasonable man has to behave as though he were sure of it. If at the end your cheerfulness in not justified, at any rate you will have been cheerful.
H. G. Wells

22 thoughts on “Saturday Open Thread

  1. Here’s an interesting tidbit from Rassmussen this AM.
    Today’s results mark the 30th straight day that Obama’s support has stayed between 50% and 52%. During that period, the number voting for McCain has stayed in the 44% to 46% range every day and the gap between the candidates has ranged from four to eight percentage points.

    However, while the overall levels of support have remained stable, voters have become more certain of their intent. Today, the percentage who say they could still change their mind is down to single digits. Forty-eight percent (48%) are now certain they will vote for Obama while 40% say the same about McCain. Nine percent (9%) lean one way or the other but could change their mind. The remaining three percent (3%) are either committed to a third party candidate or remain undecided.

    Thirty days ago, while Obama enjoyed a five-point lead overall, just 41% of voters were certain they would vote for him. At that time, 39% said the same about McCain

    Can you say Seal the Deal?

  2. Morning, WitchyOne, been thinking about coming up for a late autumn fishing trip, just have to coordinate a couple thousand things!!! Best Health to you!

  3. Good Morning, or rather good afternoon witch!! I am fine. I hope all is well with you and the oso! (((hugs)))

    I am sulking with some of the men here. They didn’t appreciate yesterday’s George Clooney quote. I wanted to treat them to a Mae West quote today, but decided they want more high brow stuff. Men!!

  4. Back at you RUCerious & EV…Looking forward to your viset when ever it is possible…We are on winter schedule now and I close the shop and boat rental at 2 because of the early sunset..The dock is open as before, daylight to dusk…Hug’s to Miss Amber…

    Thank you EV, Oso and I are fareing well this day…Up early in the dark of morning and frequent pit stop’s through out the day….He is one huge puppy..

    Dear EV, find something racy and delightful to entertain the men…Maybe a beauty in a black dress with music to entertain them..They ask for so little and are so very easily intertained…. ..Anything to take one’s mind off of these political time’s will be enjoyed by all I am sure..Just a suggestion..LOL…..Thank’s for the hug’s…Blessings

  5. Add a little music as well EV, Long cool woman in a black dress come’s to mind also you may want to throw in a little brew…As the comedian, I forgot his name mentioned in a skit, they are prone to entertain thought’s of some brew and something naked..LOL..Such a simple request I think….I know you can do it and we can watch the comment’s with delight….Blessings

  6. I’m off for the Night, so hubby doesn’t drink all of the nice red wine I opened..

    Have fun here and I will check back here tomorrow morning to see whether you all behaved..


  7. I was thinking of something a little more subtle and seductive houseofroberts….I mush prefer leaving more to personal imagination but what ever work’s for the guy’s is fine by me..Where is the music.?

    May I add I have seen better bun’s……LOL..Blessings

  8. It was the best pic I could find with both, Witch1, the others were too small. So if AB won’t do, and Zooey has Clooney, who is next on your shortlist?

  9. LOL.At my age and fantacies being entertained like many. I love them all to look at, just not any one to keep…Kevin Costner, Jimmy Smits of NYPD blue fame and to many to mention..Pick lovely ladie’s and gentlemen and I will comment in as tastelful manner as I can muster…Thank you houseofrobert’s…I just offered a nice young man a candy bar and ride in my old truck, we are off to the market…LOL..Blessings

  10. She must be afraid I’ll post another clip. How could I know Antonio’s ass was lacking?
    Well I made one person happy…or two…

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