Palin Rally Attendee: Obama is a ni**er!

Palin stumbles for a brief moment but keeps on going after someone attending her rally yells “He’s a ni**er” as Palin discusses Obama.

Well, the First Dude did hold up a sign the other day comparing Obama to Charles Manson. I wonder who is next; Jeffrey Dahmer? Pot Pol? Stay classy, Republicans.

9 thoughts on “Palin Rally Attendee: Obama is a ni**er!

  1. Zero class. For ImPalin not to stop the rally and admonish the racist prick just lumps her in with them. Prickless Prickette.

  2. As for Alaska’s “First Gentleman” holding up a sign making an oblique comparison between Barack Obama and Charles Manson, I would say that any candidate’s spouse who does something like that is no longer “off limits”. What a classless, tactless, thoughtless thing to do.

  3. Looked like someone up close to the podium was holding up the sign….Since palin did nothing to have it removed it lump’s her in with the supporter’s she continue’s to incite to riot status….Sick twit that she is….Blessings

  4. I think that we all need to get together and start some sort of petition demanding that McCain and Palin apologize to the American people for stoking the flames for this type of behavior instead of admonishing it.

  5. And willpen I think it’s important that after this election we never let people forget what McCain and Palin have done apologies or not. It’s not alright to foster hate and divisiveness to win an election. As a long time Democrat and a big fan of Bill Clinton it was the problem I had with Hillary. Negative campaigning does nothing to help this country. And if helping the country is not what they’re trying to do then they shouldn’t be running for office. What ever happens to McCain and Palin after this election the people need to be reminded of their behavior for the rest of their careers.

  6. MSNBC just reported that skinheads in TN and AL were arrested by the ATF for a possible assassination attempt on Obama and 100 other African Americans.

    Hate and rhetoric like this, when left unchecked, is nothing but harmful for our entire society. Comments like this – and many others – should never have been allowed to go without comment. Calling Obama a terrorist, scary Muslim socialist communist is nothing but begging for some person who is troubled to think he is a patriot for taking out the icky brown dude who is screwing up America, taking your guns and bibles and turning you into a commie pinko fag.

    It should be completely unacceptable and it is not only not being specifically stated as unacceptable but it is being encouraged.

  7. A public apology must be demanded after such a shameful display of disrespect from those who would be our “leaders”. How is it that a presidential campaign, in which candidates should be passionately, but respectfully debating, discussing, and clarifying their political views, as well as, inspiring us to want to follow them, end up in bigotry, humiliating personal attacks, and violent threats against each others life and well-being. This election has left me truly hurt, bewildered, and ashamed!

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