Fox News: Shep Smith Made Disclaimer After Joe the Plumber Interview

You can see that Shep Smith is visually upset with the frightening message from Joe the Plumber.  Joe the Plumber is on the campaign trail with John McCain scaring people with a vote for Obama is “death to Israel.”

The Huffington Post reported on this very disturbing interview that upsets me on many levels.  This fear-mongering is unconscionable, it’s the lie that upset Smith so much.

“It’s all a part of Joe the Plumber’s “Maybe I’m A Foreign Policy Expert, But Anyway, You Should Go Out And Get Your Own Opinions On Things Instead Of Listening To Mine, Even Though I’m Going To Keep Opining If You Give Me Half A Chance, And Anyway, I Don’t Even Really Know What John McCain’s Position Is On Anything Anyway, And Probably I Should Be Snaking A Sink Trap Or Something, Instead Of Dragging Myself All Over The Country Making Statements Which I Then Sort Of Disavow A Few Minutes Later Anyway, Who Knows?” Tour of 2008!

Anyway, five minutes with Joe The Plumber had Shepard Smith so frustrated that the Fox anchor felt compelled to issue a disclaimer, immediately following the segment, pushing back on any notion that Obama would mean the “death of Israel,” saying: “I just want to make this 100 percent perfectly clear — Barack Obama has said repeatedly and demonstrated repeatedly that Israel will always be a friend of the United States, no matter what happens once he becomes President of the United States. His words.” Smith later added, “The rest of it — man…some things — it just gets frightening sometimes. We’ll be right back.” I haven’t seen Shep this broken up about the state of the world since Katrina.

For the rest of the article at the Huffington Post.

13 thoughts on “Fox News: Shep Smith Made Disclaimer After Joe the Plumber Interview

  1. At least he has the common decency to recognize that this election contest is in a one way degeneration into the slime and muck that is the McIIIrd campaign.

  2. On the day after election day 2004, a popular European newspaper said: “How can 85m people be so stupid!?”

    Why is it we’re supposed to be worried about other countries where the religious fanatics can get their hands on a nuclear bomb?

  3. LOL….I have a toilet plunger that’s smarter than this nut case and it stand’s quietly in a hidden corner untill it need’s to be used…Joe should be so smart..Blessings

  4. wow – I do believe that I have just seen the first respectable reporting on Fox news ever.

    W1 – good point!

    Maybe we should start calling him Joe the Plunger…

  5. Thank you, Shep Smith, for having the decency to publicly question the latest Republican mouthpiece about his fact-less opinions. To cite the man who asked the question as having legitimacy because he was an “average American” demonstrates Joe’s unfitness for public policy commentary. And to then tell people that if they want to know why Joe thinks the way he (erroneously) does, to go out and do their own research is really just a clear sign that Joe has no idea what he’s talking about (which he all but admitted.) I think Shep is right to be concerned about the level of ignorance of his viewers. Do you think there’s any chance he’ll look for a job at MSNBC?

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