On Hardball: (Hey GOP) You’re Lying!

On Hardball tonight, Democratic Strategist Bob Schrum and Ed Rogers, former aide to G.H.W. Bush went toe-to-toe on the economy and taxes.  This is one of the most fun exchanges I have seen.  Schrum does not let Rogers get away with lying over and over about Obama and calls bulls#!t where he sees it.

Be sure to watch the very end.  This is the closest I have seen to watching a lying Republican hack’s head explode.

UPDATE: The original video was pulled. I replaced it with this one.

13 thoughts on “On Hardball: (Hey GOP) You’re Lying!

  1. Where do you start to critique this? There is so much to challenge from Rogers, that I will put a quote here from a Virginia speech made today by Obama:
    “He (McCain) supported four out of the five Bush budgets, that have taken us from surpluses under the Clinton years to the largest deficit in history. John McCain’s ridden shotgun, as George Bush has driven our economy towards a cliff. And now he wants to take the wheel and step on the gas.”

  2. You’re right, houseofroberts. It’s hard to believe that they believe their own rhetoric. I thought it was telling that Rogers couldn’t bring himself to clearly identify who would be paying more in taxes, because he knows damned well it’s the wealthy only, and he further knows that this is not about raising taxes but rather letting temporary cuts expire.

    He also couldn’t give an honest answer as to whether it’s better to raise taxes or borrow from China, instead saying we could get by with neither when the painful truth is we pretty much have to do both. His answer: “We can grow our way out of this problem.” Right. Most of the growth of the Republican era is not real growth, but borrow-growth.

    He knows, but he lies.

  3. Tweety: “The ‘ins’ get blamed when things go bad.”

    Um, yes. Isn’t it logical to blame the party in power when their policies lead to devastation?

    I guess in a “fair and balanced” world, stupid ideas get equal treatment with sensible ideas, and nobody takes blame for pursuing stupid ideas to their inevitable stupid conclusion.

  4. I loved it when that R dimwit started trying to say that tax cuts for the middle class was “welfare.”

    That is so fucking rich, after this $700B bailout, and all the corporate welfare that has been on going for the last 25 years.

  5. They are trying to press the meme that Obama will send out checks to people who don’t pay taxes. That is what they keep saying about the tax break for the middle class.

    40% of Americans do not pay taxes at all, they say, and when Obama gets elected, he will send out checks, from those poor uber rich people who might actually pay the same percentage in taxes than their workers do, straight to those damned poor people who pay nothing. That is where the welfare thing comes from.

  6. I always enjoy hearing econo-cons claim that lower taxes bring in more tax revenue, because the truth is that tax changes always are preceeded by a period of fair warning before the change takes place. If you announce a tax increase, those with enough income for it to matter will adjust their portfolios to their maximum advantage in the year prior to the increase. Conversely, if a tax decrease is announced, they will delay income until the year the decrease takes effect, to limit their obligation. Fair enough, we expect them to do these things. But it is disingenuous to look at only the last year before a change and the first year after as “proof” that lower taxes increase revenue. Once averaged over a significant number of years, first the gains level out, and then it is obvious that higher taxes do bring in more money. With the debt we now are saddled with, plus the bailout, we have no choice but to increase revenue in the short term.

  7. Malloy just called Palin the “Thrilla From Wasilla” imitating a McCain supporter in a rant. LOL. Has that been used before? I haven’t heard it, if it has.

  8. I have a hard time watching even short clip’s like this when one alway’s resort’s to constant interupting and bad behavior…Never liked tweety much either…..It was informative, to a degree but make’s my ear’s ring…LOL.Blessings

  9. Schrum is on CNN unopposed this morning actually getting to make the pitch he should have been allowed to make on the Tweety show.

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