Joe the plumber is with us here today. Where is Joe? Well, you’re all Joe the plumber!

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12 thoughts on “Joe the plumber is with us here today. Where is Joe? Well, you’re all Joe the plumber!

  1. OMG… “You’re all Joe the plumber”..? Does that mean “You’re all opportunists, liars, and con-men”? “You’re all symbols”? “You’re all ‘plants’? Tools of this campaign?” “You all believe Obama is going to destroy Israel, with nothing to base it on?”

    Good choice of words McCain.. How many more blunders can he make over the next 5 days..

  2. muse, I consider not mentioning John McCain again. It is getting so embarrassing I feel bad for the man.

  3. MsJ, first you need to make butt ignorant comments about “socialism” and agree that Obama hates Israel. Oh, and lie about your name, your career and your income.

  4. “You’re all Joe the plumber!” Wow, I have this sudden urge to grab a pipe…grab a wrench…and start beating the daylights out of these morons!!!

  5. Awww, Grampy needs a nap.

    Really MJ most actors don’t have publicists. Only really big stars and people like Paris Hilton hire publicists. They don’t work on commission like agents and managers do because they don’t find work for you. They just get you out in the media. Some actors will hire a publicist when they have a new movie coming out but don’t keep them around when there’s no new project because you have to pay them a fee. And Joe’s worried about paying too much in taxes.

  6. If I were the parent of one of those kid’s I would be outraged and screaming..Sending them to a rally to listen to lie’s and hate speech is down right nazi planning…..Jeebos this is so damned crazy he should be locked up…..Blessings

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