Hagan Files Lawsuit Against Dole

Kay Hagan has filed a defamation lawsuit against Elizabeth Dole yesterday, for the continued airing of this advertisement Ms Joanne posted yesterday.  In which, Elizabeth Dole is suggesting that Kay Hagan is being supported by godless heathens and that she doesn’t believe in God.  Here is the statement issued by Hagan, courtesy of Politico – The Scorecard.

“Like her time in the U.S. Senate, Elizabeth Dole has made her choices here, and that’s her decision,” Hagan campaign spokeswoman Colleen Flanagan said in a statement. “But it’s equally our decision not to allow someone to slander Kay Hagan, impugn her character, her convictions and her faith, without any consequences.”

Here is Elizabeth Dole’s statement, who has run one of the most nastiest campaign’s of this election season.

“Kay Hagan knows that the Dole Campaign ad is accurate and she is trying to confuse voters until Election Day,” Gidley said.

“Yesterday she threatened to sue to get the ad off the air. After realizing that they could not get an ad pulled that is 100% factual, they have resorted to court room gimmicks. Hagan’s so called ‘lawsuit’ is merely a motion to file a suit within 20 days, well after the election.”

Elizabeth Dole has declined to pull this ad, which is being described by North Carolina newspapers as “indecent,” a “gross misrepresentation,” “dishonest,” and “beyond the bounds of acceptable political disagreement.”  The ad is basically about a Kay Hagan fundraiser hosted by an atheist, hence the “godless heathens” reference that Elizabeth Dole is using in her ad against Hagan.

But in my research, I uncovered more about this man featured in this ad, who says he is not an atheist.   The fundraiser was actually hosted by Democratic U.S. Sen. John Kerry and about three dozen others.

Retired Bible teacher Rick Stone is shown answering the door in grainy footage of a Sept. 15 fundraiser at the Boston home of Wendy Kaminer and Woody Kaplan.  So imagine Rick Stone’s surprise to find himself depicted as a “Godless American.”

He is in fact, Charles Frederick (Rick) Stone III, who currently studies theology at the Harvard Divinity School. Until his 2007 move to Boston, Stone lived in Greensboro and taught Biblical studies at Greensboro College, which is affiliated with the United Methodist Church, and Guilford College, which draws on Quaker tradition.

His courses have included Old and New Testament, religious law, and the teachings of Jesus. Stone himself is Episcopalian and a believer in God.

This is really going to make you laugh when you find out how the two met.  Stone met Hagan in the late 1990s, when he taught Sunday school at Greensboro’s First Presbyterian Church.  In church no less…this is why the NC newspapers are calling this latest ad dishonest and indecent.  That is a fair assessment.

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6 thoughts on “Hagan Files Lawsuit Against Dole

  1. I can’t believe Liddy Dole goes home and doesn’t hear “Bob Dole doesn’t like that ad.” It’s disgusting for its distortion of reality. And adding that “There is no God” at the end, without identifying the speaker, is extreme dishonesty.

    As an atheist, I am bothered that so many politicians, particularly right-wing, conservative, Republican politicians, feel that atheism is un-American. Despite the efforts of the right to claim otherwise, the United States was not founded as a Christian nation. True, the earliest foreign settlers of this continent were devout Christians who left Europe because they felt there wasn’t enough religion there (not to escape persecution), but they didn’t “found” this nation. (Nor were they here first, of course.)

    The United States of America was founded as a secular nation, where people would be free to worship, or not, as they chose. If I am willing to let people worship deities, then they should allow me my right to not do so, without questioning my patriotism or fitness as a human being.

  2. Thank you Wayne 🙂 I couldn’t let this one slide by, I am not happy with Elizabeth Dole’s tactics. There is no excuse for stooping this low.

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