It’s Halloween!

Every Halloween, and as our family ritual, we light candles and watch the same movies to celebrate while we pass out candy at the door. “Hocus Pocus” with Bette Midler, Tim Burton’s “Nightmare Before Christmas“, and now we’ve added “The Corpse Bride“.

I actually posted these songs last Halloween, but beings we watch the same movies EVERY Halloween at our house, here they are again! 

My favorite part of “The Corpse Bride

“This is Halloween” from Nightmare Before Christmas:

And a small tidbit from “Hocus Pocus“:

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6 thoughts on “It’s Halloween!

  1. Lady Muse the replacement is great, I don’t have any favorite’s , like them all….Thank you..

    I do have 2 music request’s for the day if possible…The first is for HouseofRoberts, dbadass and any one feeling poorly… Santana..”Hope you’re feeling better” and the second is for all including me, “Midnight Special” CCR….Ya knew that was coming, Right?.. Any time would be great and Thank you for all you do Dear Lady…Blessings

  2. I feel better! In fact I’m going in to work tonight. Thanks Witch1, the spell is already taking effect. Halloween must amplify your powers greatly!

  3. Your most welcome houseofroberts, glad to hear the well wishe’s and candle lighting’s are working…I only hope my work continue’s to succeed through the 4th…Blessings

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