Joe the Plumber Goes Hollywood

Many of us thought he would disappear from the limelight, after everyone found out he was an unlicensed plumber with unpaid back taxes.  Well, that doesn’t seem to be the case.  According to Della Croce, who has managed rock stars, Joe the Plumber is a special case.  “Never in 25 years have I seen this level of interest in a celebrity,” Della Croce said.

Joe the Plumber didn’t just hire a publicist, he hired a publicity team.  Della Croce is dishing on their latest client Joe.

The Press Office in Nashville, where clients include rockers Grand Funk Railroad and Eddie Money, will help him handle the flood of interview and appearance requests that have poured in since he was mentioned during a presidential debate and quickly became a household name.

“It’s like any other celebrity who is in the public eye,” said Jim Della Croce, who owns the agency. “There needs to be someone acting as a clearinghouse and interpreting the opportunities and coordinating the media requests, and he truly is being inundated.”

Despite rumors to the contrary, he’s not planning to release an album, though a book is in the works.  “He’s not doing a country record,” Della Croce said flatly Thursday.

Apparently many people want to talk to Joe, so many in fact, that it requires three managers.  Della Croce feels that Joe the Plumber will go down in history and that he has touched nerve in the common man.

It’s going to be interesting to hear what this book is going to be about.  The life in times of being a plumber or his adventures on the campaign trail, we will just have to wait and see.  I have to admit, I didn’t see this coming at all.  Sorry, but this is one book, I personally, won’t be buying.

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5 thoughts on “Joe the Plumber Goes Hollywood

  1. Nothing good, GDJ.

    Its Halloween, can’t the ghost off Andy Warhol come and take this clown away?

    Or perhaps we can get more of his ignorant Christo-Zionist delusions out in public for all to see.

  2. What I found astounding about the whole “Joe the Plumber” thing was the huge amount of investigation launched against a private citizen for asking a candidate a question.

  3. I think it’s funny that Obama talked to this idiot once, and then McCain can’t speak a sentence without invoking “Joe the Plumber,” but it’s supposedly Obama who’s been exploiting him.

    Talk about projection….

    I hope he gets a well-paying job soon, so he can pay his back taxes.

  4. What I found astounding about the whole “Joe the Plumber” thing was the huge amount of investigation launched against a private citizen for asking a candidate a question.

    I find it astounding that you believe that. He wasn’t “investigated” for asking a question, he was “investigated” because McCain mentioned him 25 times during the debate. He stopped being a “private citizen” when he offered himself up to the GOP as an icon.

    And it didn’t seem like any “huge” effort was involved; it took no time at all to determine that he wasn’t Joe, he wasn’t a plumber and that he was nowhere near ready to buy a plumbing business. Combing through public records and making a few phone calls scarcely qualifies as “huge”.

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