Cheney Endorses John McCain – Obama Sends Congratulations


The Obama campaign gleefully sends over an announcement of a major endorsement…. for John McCain… by Dick Cheney.

“In three days we’ll choose a new steward for the presidency and begin a new chapter in our history,” the Vice President said Saturday morning. “It’s the biggest decision that we make together as Americans. A lot turns on the outcome. I believe the right leader for this moment in history is Senator John McCain.”

This isn’t, perhaps, the story that McCain headquarters wants in the news, though the press is undoubtedly going to play it up. Cheney is, after all, the Vice President.

UPDATE: Sure enough, Obama is set to jump all over the endorsement, having some fun with it in the process.

I’d like to congratulate Senator McCain on this endorsement because he really earned it. That endorsement didn’t come easy. Senator McCain had to vote 90 percent of the time with George Bush and Dick Cheney to get it. He served as Washington’s biggest cheerleader for going to war in Iraq, and supports economic policies that are no different from the last eight years. So Senator McCain worked hard to get Dick Cheney’s support.

But here’s my question for you, Colorado: do you think Dick Cheney is delighted to support John McCain because he thinks John McCain’s going to bring change? Do you think John McCain and Dick Cheney have been talking about how to shake things up, and get rid of the lobbyists and the old boys club in Washington?

The best news I heard all day.  It couldn’t happen to a more deserving person!

Update II Cheney stars in new Obama campaign ad.

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama highlights Vice President Dick Cheney’s support for Republican nominee John McCain in a new ad out Sunday.

The ad opens by touting Obama’s recent endorsements from investor Warren Buffett and former Secretary of State Colin Powell, then cuts to video of Cheney from an event Saturday in Wyoming.

The praise from Cheney, who routinely has some of the lowest approval ratings of any national political figure, came as Obama has been arguing that McCain is too closely tied to the policies of the Bush administration.

Obama’s campaign said the 30-second spot would run nationally on cable channels.

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3 thoughts on “Cheney Endorses John McCain – Obama Sends Congratulations

  1. Observations: the crowd cheered louder for Cheney’s endorsement of Sarah Palin than they did for his endorsement of McCain.

    Now, if Cheney would have endorsed Obama, do you think it would have cost Obama some votes?

    Also, why did it take Cheney so long to come out with an endorsement?

  2. Iolair, I’m actually surprised that he did it. His approval scores are so bad that could be a major reason why he waited til almost the final hour. Just guessing!!

  3. More timed insanety from the rep’s..Mcnut’s would of been better served with out mr. evil’s endorsement.. Glad I made this statement after the fact, just in case (those) people read I would hate to have helped them out…LOL……P.B.& J

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