McCain-Palin supporter says no treats for Obama kids on Halloween

A suburban Detroit woman has decided to scare up the vote among neighborhood children by just offering treats to John McCain supporters.

Shirley Nagel of Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich., handed out candy Friday only to those who shared her support for the Republican presidential candidate and his running mate Sarah Palin. Others were turned away empty-handed.

TV station WJBK, Fox 2 News says a sign outside Nagel’s house warned: “No handouts for Obama supporters, liars, tricksters or kids of supporters.”

Nagel calls Democrat Barack Obama “scary.” When asked about children who were turned away empty-handed and crying, she said: “Oh well. Everybody has a choice.”

There were kids as young as 4 years old that went away crying because she wouldn’t give them any candy.Β  This is so sad that anyone would do this to a child.

Countdowns Keith Olbermann names Shirley Nagel Worst Person in the World for putting a sign in front of her house on Halloween which read, No handouts for (name one of the presidential candidates) supporters, liars, tricksters or kids of supporters.

72 thoughts on “McCain-Palin supporter says no treats for Obama kids on Halloween

  1. I’m no fan of Halloween, but even I would never do that to a kid just because of who the kid’s parents want to see become president. Especially a four-year-old.

    Let’s write to Keith Olbermann to make sure he names her one of his Worst Persons in the World!

  2. So why is this news? You democrat/wealth grabbers have been demonizing the GOP for years, calling us everything from fascists to homophobes.

    Where the residential GOP sacrificial lamb went wrong was instead of denying the kids any candy, she should have implemented the “Obama Spread the Wealth” doctrine by taking half of all their candy and giving it out the next day to all the other kids in the neighborhood who didn’t get to go out trick-or-treating……..

    That would have been the true Democrat way and everyone would have been happy……..

  3. madhomie,

    In case anything that I have ever said was misinterpreted, let me be clear, as I’m sure some of my fellow Critters agree.

    I am not saying that the Republican Party is racist, homophobic, xenophobic, or bigoted. I am saying that the Republican Party crafts its message to appeal to racists, homophobes, xenophobes and bigots.

  4. That’s really cute, madhomo. You whine about Dem name-calling, but manage to get in your own name-calling first.

    Looks like the Rs have a new hero: Shirley the Bitch!

  5. Or try something new in entertainment: Throw away all the candy, and then tell each child that their brother ate all their candy.

    Good times abound…. πŸ˜‰

  6. Well, there’s proof that socialism is only for Republicans (oh, and corporations). I mean, isn’t going door to door asking for handout soooooooooo socialistic?

    “Look at my thumb. Gee, you’re dumb.” Otter

  7. Jeebos these reich winger’s are not happy….Well I guess if all I had was a couple of wacko’s with no good plan’s for the fututre of our country I’de be pissed off to….

    What’s odd to me is their misfit way’s of treating children, it’s down right insane, now I see how the palin type women end up with unwed, uneducated, neglected kid’s…

    Hay troll, next time just turn off the rest of your light’s and keep the candy for your self..

  8. Honestly, that really offends me. I’m definitely neither Republican nor Democrat, but my parents are Republican and this gives republicans such a bad name. I would give that woman a good talking to if she refused my little cousins candy simply because they support Obama… I mean, what a piggish way to get political. Honestly, she didn’t do anything but make herself look like a jerk. The kids’ parents aren’t going to change their political views just so their kids can get candy. And the kids can’t even vote. Get a life, lady…

  9. I don’t understand why MadHomie is a republican! Homie.. you don’t have any money! Only about 10% of the population will profit from McCain being elected. 90% will profit from Obama.

    Idiot, republicans only help the rich. Unless you are a spoiled brat that wishes you were a homie you are supporting the wrong party. But even then you don’t have the money, your parents do.

    This election is about change. McCain is old and out of touch. This is a new world. McCain was born in the 30’s. Does that put it into perspective for you homie? Quit smokin and go to school idiot.

  10. John McCain, if you keep spamming this site with the same thing in our threads, you will get banned.

    Should you have anything to add to a discussion, fine. We are not going to continually refute the crap you are spewing. I will add…While your site looks like satire, your post above does not. It looks like an internet rumor and one that should be refuted. It is not a good idea to have a post like what you have above as satire.

    There is no secret tape and for those who believe there is – you and they are fools for believing it. Obama’s birth certificate was certified by the state of HI because the lunatics wouldn’t let it go.

    Since you cannot prove a negative, if a tape ever surfaces, you let us know. Until then, spam the board again and you will lose, just like the real one will on Tuesday.

  11. She may think that Obama is “scary,” but he’s nowhere near as scary as that woman.

    This exemplifies what I do and don’t like about this whole thing: Republicans seem to be happy (happiest?) with divisive, exclusionary policies, while Democrats seem to want to include everyone (especially little kids).

    I loved the woman’s neighbor: “Obama for peace, candy for everyone.”

  12. This whole thing is scary. When such beliefs and politics cause a woman to lose her mind, and rant against children; it has to be more than “just” politics. Why is she really so incensed? It can’t be just politics. This makes me think she has other reasons for being so perturbed, that she would verbally abuse a small, innocent child. The republicans tout the Bible, and protecting the innocent children–she must have missed that part. They should pray for her.
    …too much sugar, maybe?

  13. This is a story about what a B&%ch Shirley is. Its not about Republicans, its not about Democrats. Its about one stupid woman being mean to kids thinking it will make a difference in the campaign. Stop arguing! Geesh.

  14. Well, I suppose if this woman wanted to be known as “the crazy, dumb psycho next door” she’s accomplished her goal.

    If this is what you choose to do on Halloween, it’s a sign that you have to turn off the political news channel, go outside and try to find your brain so you can rejoin those of us in the real world.

  15. Obama is scary? Obama?! Puh-leez. I think we all can agree – Repulicans and Democrats alike – on at least ONE issue. It is McCainkenstein whos the scary one. I know, he was a POW, I know, but if its scary we are talking about… please. The man cant raise his eyebrows… among plenty of other things Im willing to bet.

  16. Hmm…I’m no fan of John McCain, and the lady with the candy blacklist has a lot of growing up to do. But listening to Obama supporters on this page reminds me a lot of the gung-ho, hate-the-opposition mindset that led Republicans to accept every misdeed of George W. Bush for years without question.

    If you Democrats don’t get over yourselves and realize that Republicans are not some kind of scary trolls either, you’re just going to lead us down the same disastrous paths we just came out of.

    STOP THE HATE!!!!!

  17. I’ve heard of Grosse Pointe, MI, but never knew ’til now what the ‘grosse’ stood for. (Does the ‘e’ ending connote effite or exclusive or both?)

    McCain can adopt Shirley the Shrew and take her with him along with his fellow mavericks Joe the Faux Plumber and Sarah the Sneer to reform Washington. She’s the epitome of the current ‘I’ve got mine/if you don’t agree with my politics, screw you — even if you’re a little kid’ ideology.

  18. This says it as well as anything I could say:
    It Is Now Absolutely Crystal Clear That Republican Rule Is Dangerous and Authoritarian by John Dean.

    Republicans rule, rather than govern, when they are in power by imposing their authoritarian conservative philosophy on everyone, as their answer for everything. This works for them because their interest is in power, and in what it can do for those who think as they do. Ruling, of course, must be distinguished from governing, which is a more nuanced process that entails give-and-take and the kind of compromises that are often necessary to find a consensus and solutions that will best serve the interests of all Americans.

  19. This lady has serious issues. Apparently she thinks that kids will get their parents to change their minds just to get candy or whatever the crap she thinks.

  20. And then these children get a year older and remember the nasty lady on Detroit’s famous “Hell Night.” Next year. As her house burns, she stands in the window, crying for someone to help save her life but it falls upon the deaf ears or the socialist, Muslim Obama supporters.

    Please! Leave children out of this. How cruel and foolish!

  21. That is sad. No one should ever do that to children. If she didn’t want to observe Halloween or give out candy, that’s fine. To single out children for what she sees as the ‘sins’ of the parents is a low, down, dirty and mean thing to do. This is a not someone any decent person would want to associate with.

  22. Wow that lady sure showed them… no candy if your not GAP. She is on a power trip because she knows her party sucks!!! I am sorry to inform her that candy isn’t quite enough to convince people to give the GOP another go on this one, the Republican party has devastated the country and I hope that it just absolutely crumbles~!!! maybe a third party will take over… This woman is pathetic!!! who is she kidding, she can keep her candy, but I will not let her effect our economy,,, She is so retarded!!

  23. she is just fucking mean becuz they can’t stand losing, that’s not enough to luring the children, hey they can’t vote, so she should try some other method, remains 36 hrs to the vote

  24. this is not a surprising thing coming from Grosse Pointe Farms….

    the town is full of disgusting racist Neuvo-Riche and old money bigots… there ARE some good folks there, but not a ton.

    This “woman” is a known commodity in that town, heck… she was even a delegate at the Republican Convention.

    take a looksy over at fresnelblog for some other loose affiliations she has.

  25. Hey Ms. Zooey,

    only one more day to go then I’m president. You know, all these retards think that Obama is in front – but hey, that moron Gore and Kerry and all those self-pleased Dems ignored the American people.

    Tomorrow everybody will see that the people want me and not that inexperienced communist Muslim terrorist tax raiser Obama.

    My team is great. I have Sarah as VP and I offered my fellow Republican Joe the plumber a job as Secretary of Commerce.

    We will be so successful that Sarah Palin can take over after my second term in 2016.

    And I promise: I will win our war in Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran.

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