Obama supporter attacked in front of his kids by McCain volunteers

The madness needs to end.  Too many people have been hurt for no other reason, than their support of Obama.  This latest incident happened in front of young children. 

This HuffingtonPost contributor (an independent filmmaker) received an email from one of his friends from California.

Just to paint the picture, Harry is in his late 40s and built like a graphic artist; tall and thin. He has two daughters aged five and eight who were with him when this attack occurred near Woodland Hills, a residential suburb of Los Angeles.

“You should have been there! I was standing on a busy corner in my neighborhood with my daughters waving my Obama/Biden sign. I was kitty-corner to the San Fernando Valley Campaign Headquarters of John McCain. For two hour I was getting about 8 honks for every one honk for McCain.

Three McCain volunteers came across to my corner and one of them physically attacked me. She started yelling at me for wanting a Socialist State, and then grabbed my Obama sign, threw it into the street, and started cussing me out, all in front of my kids. I asked her to stop cussing in front of my kids, but she wouldn’t. Two 17 year old kids (children of Obama supporters) witnessed the whole thing and came to help me stop this insane McCain volunteer from scaring my kids. I gave a report to the police after they responded to my 911 call.

I’m glad we’re on the side that wants to STOP fighting.”

These stories are getting sickening.  The McCain Campaign has put Joe the Plumber on a pedestal, a man who doesn’t pay his taxes and who has lied on national tevee.  Then he morphed into Joe the foreign policy advisor.  To use the fear tactic, to energize the GOP base into thinking that voting for Obama is a “scary” thing.  I will be happy when this election is over and all of this negative campaigning stops.

5 thoughts on “Obama supporter attacked in front of his kids by McCain volunteers

  1. This has been one of the most dirty campaigns that I’ve witnessed in my many years of voting and it’s coming from the McCain/Palin supporters. I’m nervous about Tuesday. There some KKK types in my voting precinct and I’m hoping that there isn’t any trouble at the polls.

  2. Forgive me for being cynical, but I hope there’s independent corroboration of this incident. I wouldn’t put it past the McCain campaign to create a false report, help it grow legs, then discredit it and use it to discredit Obama. After all, they took a serious hit from spreading the B-girl story.

  3. That is a shame to hear Cats. I don’t have to deal with anything like that here. In my community, we have many senior citizens. The voting center is very quite and many people know each other. Never in the 22 years, I have lived here, has there ever been a problem. For that, I’m truly grateful for.

  4. Just remember, if there is a civil disturbance on November 4, Bush can declare martial law and He has a regular Army brigade assigned to quell such incidents.

    I wonder if Blackwater has been pre-positioned in swing states….

    p.s. keep asking that Light be brought to Truth…

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