Man Puts Load of Manure Near Democrats’ Campaign Office

This is Terry Reed’s way of protesting presidential candidate Barack Obama.  Mr. Reed who owns a construction and excavation company decided to park a trailer load of manure across the street from Whitehall’s Democratic campaign office on Saturday.

He also posted a sign in the manure mocking Obama’s “change we can believe in” slogan as “a load of crap.” “I think Obama’s plan is just one big old poop sandwich and we’re all going to have to take a bite,” he said.

Suzanne Molyneaux, the Obama campaign’s election team leader in Whitehall, said traffic came to a near standstill as people stopped to take pictures of the trailer.

Mr. Reed will not move the trailer until after the election is over. Suzanne is very upset by this and rightly so.

“People in Whitehall were upset, they were outraged,” she said. “I don’t think Whitehall should be represented as this podunk, ignorant community. There are lots of good people here.”

His parting remark, “My only regret is that I didn’t do something sooner.”  I think he could have found a more constructive way to protest.  OMG, how disgusting! 

Something I thought about after I posted this; I’m surprised this doesn’t violate some Health and Safety codes in that city..  It has been sitting there since Saturday!

10 thoughts on “Man Puts Load of Manure Near Democrats’ Campaign Office

  1. Well at least Mr. Reed is living the American dream of entrepreneurship, by opening a restaurant that caters to his and his friends’ unique tastes.

  2. All these people are alike….Make’s me think there should be DNA testing for relative association before marriage licence’s are issued…..Mean, uneducated, no class type’s are crawling out of the wood work…Shoulden’t there be some pollution concern’s here.?…..Blessings

  3. What kind of town doesn’t have rules about parking a commercial truck anywhere you feel like it. In any big city you could find some corrupt tow company to haul it away.

  4. But this reminds me of a an old friend:

    He stays out drinking all night, or whatever, and doesn’t go home. The next day he calls his wife and asks what’s for dinner. She says, “Shit.” He says, “Well then only make half because I won’t be home tonight either.”

  5. That happened once to me Lady Shayne,..LOL.We had a recorder and I put…The Lady of the house has gone on vacation, call in one week and leave a message, maybe I will call you back….Mr. not so wonderful was home with in a half an hour of hearing that message and I served him divorce paper’s…Witch’s are crafty people….Blessings

  6. girldujour – Is this near the voting polls?

    Not sure! But, I’m surprised something hasn’t been done since traffic has come to a standstill at times because people are taking pictures.

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