A Study of Contrasts: Bush vs Obama Eras

Bush Era

Obama Era

Saudi journalist Samir Saadi said that Obama’s election means “the U.S. has won the war on terror.”

“Given Obama’s name, his background, the doubts about his religion, Americans still voted for him and this proved that America is a democracy,” he said. “People here are starting to believe in the U.S. again.”

“For the first time I feel the phrase, ‘I hereby declare that all men are created equal,’ from the U.S. Declaration of Independence, really came to life for me today,” said architect Mamdouh al-Sobaihi, a guest at a post-election reception yesterday in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. “U.S. history has returned to its roots. The forefathers would be very pleased with today’s election,” he said.

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1 thought on “A Study of Contrasts: Bush vs Obama Eras

  1. The contrasts will grow more stark in the coming months, as we watch Obama form his cabinet and as the transistion teams implement his plans. His serious decisions are not ladened with political favors that have to be paid back.

    I agree that our forefathers would be very proud of the decision that we have made in Barack Obama. He has the intellect and understanding to be a great President.

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