100,000 Minutes To Go

On Nov 13, 2008, at 1:20 AM EST (10:20 PM PST), Still President George W. Bush will have 100,000 minutes remaining in his administration. One minute later, it’s down to 5 digits and getting lower all the time.

There are sixty minutes in an hour and twenty-four hours in a day, so that makes 1,440 minutes per day. (That’s in case you want to count them down a chunk at a time.) The countdown ends on Jan 20, 2009, at Noon EST, when President-Elect Barack Obama will become the 44th President of the United States. And remember, this is The United States of America. We should all take pride in what is about to happen. There are many American citizens who never thought they would see this day in their lifetimes. Prayed for it, but never thought their prayers would be answered. I, personally, am happy for all of us, and proud of all of us. For this was the result of Democracy, and everyone who voted should be proud of their participation in this historic acheivement. All except you, Keith Olbermann, who admitted on The View that you didn’t vote. I didn’t start voting until I was 32, and I’m a year younger than Keith. But what got me started was hearing someone say (I think it might have been Janeane Garofalo), “If you don’t vote, you can’t bitch.” So, Keith, in all fairness, I think we have a right to expect a little less bitching from you. But we DO want you to help keep an eye on President Obama, to make sure he doesn’t cross the line, and let power go to his head. Which is not quite as large as yours.

In the meantime, what kind of mischief can Humiliated Outgoing President Bush do in the time he has left? Well, we can all freewheel on that one, but a couple of things crossed my mind.

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CNN Sanchez: Amy Goodman on Barack Obama

Amy Goodman speaks on the first African-American president-elect Barack Obama visiting the White House which was built by slaves. President Bush’s use of well over 1,000 signing statements and President Obama signing an executive order to shut down the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Obama hires Sam Nunn for Pentagon transistion

Sam Nunn has served as a Senator for 24 years for the state of Georgia.  He received his law degree from the Emory University.  One of his most noteworthy accomplishments is that he has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize three times – for his work to “strengthen global security by reducing the risk of use and preventing the spread of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons.

“Transition spokeswoman Stephanie Cutter said Nunn will perform “an informal senior adviser role throughout the defense transition process.”

Nunn’s role has been described by others, speaking anonymously because the transition teams have not been announced, as the leader of Obama’s defense transition. Similarly, a senior administration official said former Secretary of State Warren Christopher would advise Obama on his State Department transition.

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Kofinis compares Palin to American Idol contestant – “She’s like Sanjaya!”

Sanjaya was a very bad contestant on American Idol that wouldn’t go away, it is a great comparison.  Here is the Link.  They both were a disaster, Palin was a drag on the Republican ticket and Sanjaya almost ruined the reputation of American Idol.  They both claimed to have experience that they didn’t have.   Everyone watched both and cringed to see how much worse it could possibly get.  Kofinis’s comparison is right on the money.

Ron Christie is the Republican Strategist giving opposing view points.  Once again he turns to Republican talking points about Palin having more executive experience than Barack Obama.  We have all watched her for nine very long weeks.  What good is executive experience if you haven’t learned anything from it?  Palin was Mayor and Governor of Alaska, yet she still doesn’t have a clue about Domestic and Foreign Policy.  Could be the reason she hired a manager to take care of all the tough issues..like learning and reading up on important policies.  She is also the first one to call foul against the media for treating her unfairly – actually they have been more than fair.  Palin was running for the second highest position in our country, I think basic geography, policy knowledge, and understanding the Constitution should be a mandate.