Army shreds documents on friendly fire deaths

Raw Story:

In late 2006, two American soldiers from Fort Carson died in Iraq. The army said the privates were killed by enemy action. But in October of this year, Salon revealed that the two men had in fact been killed by friendly tank fire.

Now, Salon has found that the documents related to the men’s deaths were shredded just hours after the story was published. 

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72 thoughts on “Army shreds documents on friendly fire deaths

  1. Thank you Lady Muse for this thread and the one above..I will leave a post and then leave for awhile…

    When ever I read these well documented bad deed’s of the bush administration my heart sink’s to it’s lowest ebb…Let us never forget what this terrible administration has done to us and the world…From the beginning, by intent or design 9/11 (3000 lost)..With intent the distruction of our constitution..By neglect and arrogance (over 1500) in New Orleans….With intent and planned distruction over (1million) Iraq men, women and children lost..Looting of our treasury, wiretapping on US citizen’s and no one know’s how many have just been wisked away to unknown prison’s…

    In my long life I have never seen such distruction made to happen and gone unpunished…I can only hope with our new president none of this will ever happen again, ever…..Blessings

  2. How disgraceful.

    I was reading an article in the most recent Nation magazine about the body count of Vietnamese that were killed during the Vietnam war. Our troops were killing innocent men, women and children just for the “numbers” because that is what their general wanted from them each day.

    War is not nice and it is never fair.

  3. I don’t know the actor’s name but that avatar really reminds me of the little kids dad that gets lynched in Mississippi Burning. Just saying

  4. @Dahlia: Troll? I am a “troll” because of my differing political viewpoints? If that is the case, what, aside from ideology, makes this blog any different from the “right wing echo chambers” that you vocally abhor? I am many things, but a troll is not one. I have a dissenting opinion, no more, no less. And if I have have been told anything by the political left over the last 8 years, it’s that dissent is the most patriotic activity in which a citizen can engage. Would you really slander me for exercising my patriotic duty?

  5. Would that include the glorious freedom of the citizens of all those despots we palled around with back in the day?

  6. @dbadass: All of a sudden you care about the freedom of citizenry under despotic reign?

    @Zooey: The blue state of Nevada… why?

  7. brainwashedpeople:
    I think the troll thing may arise from your approach. Shall we start with the monniker? How about the comment about the poli sci prof? See folks that spew boorish condescending crap aren’t just folks of differing opinion. They tend to be more pompous jackoffs spoiling for conflict. I suggest that if you examine your tone you might see why others might find you a little objectionable.

  8. Well brainwashed. I will explain but only briefly..Unless you were on another planet in space you should already know what I am going to print here…..

    I watched all the hearing’s with conda sleezy rice and many other’s and it was proven they new of the threat’s..This administration has had their hand so far up Saudi Arabias dress they refuse to blame the proper culpret’s…Oh BTW it never was Iraq..

    Cheney was in charge of air traffic that day and the pupett was in a class room reading his favorite book…My pet goat…Many state’s away..How unusual for a vp/self made pres. to be doing that.

    It’s also known that one of baby bushs relative’s who is into explosive’s was seen entering the basement of the tower’s the night before 9/11..Then ofcourse we have the british releasing the letter of the plan….By intent or design or even intentional neglect cheney and bush are up to their eye brow’s in every night mare we and the world have suffered in the past 8 year’s…Check out all the internet old file’s…There there for all planetary traveler’s that may have missed the event’s…

  9. @Dbad: Brainwashedsheeple has been a handle of mine for a while now… I got it from a friend of mine who called me (surprise, surprise) a BWS for failing to question 9/11.

    Also, the poli sci prof? Come on, like you loved and adored every poli sci prof you ever had… I had a few that I downright hated.

    And if I ever came across as boorish, condescending, pompous or objectionable then… sorry? I really don’t know how to adjust tone over the interwebs.

  10. Chris does a good job, you’re absolutely right. I have no doubt that once I am banned (because let’s face it, that is my ultimate fate here) that my purpose here will only to have been for you all to see how rational Chris’ “talking points” were… after all, you’ve twice now admitted as much yourself.

  11. brainwashedsheeple,
    It has been awhile since I have been to the great state of Nevada. I am suggesting nothing but instead wondering if you might be able to place the community of Henderson for me. I have a friend that I think may live around there. Thanks…

  12. It wouldn’t shock me at all to know we had the same IP number. I found this blog after he emailed me his wordpress site and I wandered over from his blogroll… not too uncommon at all.

  13. How cool is that, to be able to know an IP address..Wow!.Lady Z you are truly amazing..Blessings

  14. Okay can we now put that weird hobo hat avatar on top of that Steve Biko image and just make one out of them?

  15. Seems like a pretty foolish thing to do, if one is considering running for political office, Chris/braindead.

    Kinda unbalanced.

  16. @Witch: When you’re an administrator of a site, you usually have access to the IP addresses of everyone who accesses your site… it’s not all that cool. It is a useful tool, though.

    I figured this would come up, but I can assure you, Chris and I are two completely different people.

  17. Well, braindead, it is possible you and Chris are “completely different people,” but you are in exactly the same location.

  18. This is an alter ego riot, sure he’s gonna be in polatick’s for the rep’s…Are you a toe tapper also, not that there’s anything wrong with that…LOL.Blessings

  19. When did I deny anything? Chris is a co-worker, told me about his blog and I followed from the blog roll. That’s the deal. It’s either that or we were plotting together to take over the internet and destroy civilization as we know it, one left-leaning blog at a time… Pick whichever situation you like best, but remember Occam’s Razor.

  20. Hay brainwashed, I don’t care who look’s at my IP, I’m the only one posting at this address and anyone in this group’s administration is more than welcome..Most have been educating and kind to me for year’s here and at TP…

    Not a bit worried Lady Z, love what can be found and Oso say’s “woof”, still working on language then we go to spelling..LOL….Blessings

  21. I’m not buying it Chris. The easier answer because is you created a second ‘personality’ to pile on at this blog, and make a trollie nuisance of yourself. Mission accomplished! Not very honest though.

  22. Well now that I know what’s going on seem’s these two have less credibility than troll’s…Huh, who would of thunk it..Their just wanabe polatician’s….Blessings

  23. You don’t have to buy it. I promise you I have better things to do that “troll” at a small leftist blog site with multiple accounts.

  24. This is seriously funny. To see the paranoia building and building, right before the eventual explosion.

    Tell me this, though, has Chris ever tracked from any other IP’s?

  25. No paranoia here, braindead. Just amazement at the lengths some will go to.

    Why are you still hanging around? No one will be taking you or “Chris” seriously again.


  26. Ladies and gentlemen, the echo chamber is once again secure. Don’t worry, I’m sure you all can continue to bounce your liberal progressive ideas off of each other while simultaneously gladhanding one another on your staggering wit and wisdom.

    Chris, I apologize… it looks like they threw the baby out with the bathwater. But for this site’s sake, I hope you stick around… You’re much better at sounding out arguments than I am.

  27. Oh yes, thanks braindead. “Chris” really needs to stick around here — for OUR sake. 🙄

    You just couldn’t resist your flaming ego, and needed an alter in order to point out your own “brilliance.” BUSTED.

    Discussion is fine at the Zoo — crazy, not so much.

  28. One alter ego leave’s and now we can imagine one side of that brain will return at a later date…So very funny….Blessings critter’s…

  29. Who said anything about leaving? You guys are entertainment… why would I leave now? These meltdowns are awesome.

  30. To set the record straight brainwashedsheeple is a co-worker. He did follow the link from my blogroll here. I do not coordinate anything I post with him nor do I care or am responsible for what he posts. As it did not come up till now, I felt no reason to add any “disclaimer” that I know brainwashed out side of the blogosphere. That said I am no more accountable for his posts or opinions than you are for each other that may be acquainted outside of the Zoo. You may take that or leave it for whatever its worth to you though. I think though if you examined my posts contrast his, you’d find two completely different writing styles. Of course someone will point out I might just be or attempting to be a writer of fiction and creating characters, I assure you I am not.

  31. Thanks for that. I find the whole Vegas and surrounding sprawl unfortunate and unsound from an environmental sound community planning point of view

    BTW: Your coworker claimed to not know if you had a job. Do you really do that little at work as to make someone you call your coworker think you might be unemployed?

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