Palin’s Turkey of an Interview

Today, while giving a presser at a turkey hatchery, Sarah Palin allowed herself to be interviewed with the backdrop of turkeys being beheaded – and bleeding out – as she spoke. This was just after she had “pardoned” another foul feathered friend.

If you do not want to watch the sanitized version of this grisly backdrop, David Schuster notes that Palin approved the backdrop herself.

Sarah Palin. The gift that keeps on giving.

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42 thoughts on “Palin’s Turkey of an Interview

  1. This person is one sick f***…No one with any sence and sensability would film that for the world to see…No wonder her kid’s are the way they are…Blessings

  2. This was one of the most bizarre, cringe-worthy things I’ve ever seen.

    I couldn’t stop laughing, but at the same time I wanted to barf.

  3. Mukasey collapsed and was taken to hospital. They don’t know if he’s regained consciousness.

    Speaking of turkeys.

  4. What the heck was Palin talking about? First off, having turkeys slaughtered behind her while she spoke was a distraction. Secondly, she still can’t speak in coherent sentences. Thirdly, she just says a bunch of words that have no connection to each other.

  5. Life imitates art. This has all the markings of a Saturday Night Live/Monty Python hybrid sketch.

    As the next turkey is prepared for slaughter, the interviewer asks, “any state programs on the chopping block?”

    And as the turkey behind her is in its death throes –
    “This was neat. I was happy to get to be invited to participate in this and, uh, you know, for one you need a bit of levity in this job.”


    The only thing that will be more stunning will be to watch the talking heads try to claim this wasn’t the most innane, thoughtless, senseless interviews ever. Oh, I know. They’ll blame the “gotcha” journalists.

  6. She has given new depth and breadth to the word “idiot.” She speaks in rambling, incoherent blasts of words that never quite gel into sentences. And of course that backdrop didn’t bother her: she shoots moose and wolves from light aircraft.

  7. Really fingerbo, I get stressed waiting for her to form a sentence or complete a thought. So much so that fortunately I was unable to focus on the massacre in the background. I suspect she was looking for anything to get her more publicity no matter how despicable. I wonder what she’ll pull next.

  8. Randi Rhodes just said after seeing this, her family is having vegetarian pizza for Thanksgiving this year.

  9. Children, especially, are sensitive toward animals and would have been horrified even more than the rest of us viewing this film. I hope that those kids’ parents raise holy hell with Palin.

  10. But but but… she’s such a progressive woman! She’s so GOOD for this country!

    Christine Amapour… explain again why it was “important” for her to be on the ballot again? I agree it’s good for our country to move foward with a viable woman on the ballot, Sarah Palin was not who I wanted representing women as a whole and THIS illustrates why.

  11. I saw Amanpour say that too, was it on Bill Maher? Palin is as good a representative for women and W is for white men. I think she’d lost her mind that day.

  12. Word. Good thing this coo-coo head isn’t making decisions that can effect the country!

  13. I think I crossed over to some sort of parallel universe back there somewhere… either that or the offensive video with the incoherent politician was misplaced somewhere, because I’ve watched it and I see nothing to so much as raise an eyebrow at.

  14. Come on….just the same old liberal bull crap. You got your commie in the white house, aren’t you happy? You people are ridiculous… amuses me that you actually complain about this. Unbelievable

  15. Commie? That’s funny.

    Just like this video. Don’t think there’s anything kinda weird about the turkey slaughter? Just close your eyes and listen to Palin speak. Now THAT’S funny!


  16. Turkeys are for eating. So are deer. So are elk. All very tasty, btw.

    If you’ve ever eaten any meat or used any product produced from a slaughtered animal and bitched about this video, all I can say is shut the heck up and go drink another glass of kool-aid.

  17. You fucking idiots miss the point of having this in the backdrop of a televised interview – one which children might see.

    Kids believe in Santa Claus and the Easter bunny. You want some politician on air with the animals (or, in this case, birds) being slaughtered in the background.

    Liberal kool-aid my ass. Your kids can enjoy killing things. I think I prefer to keep kids enjoying the Easter bunny and other fantasies as long as they want – without watching Tom Turkey being killed before their eyes.

    Good lord, what a bunch of idiots you two are.

  18. let all the people see the real world even the little kid’s I don’t think it’s right to hide this. Kill it and grill it !!!

  19. Fair enough. Let us also go look at all the negative implications of gross and excessive consumerism. Maybe a southeast Asian shrimp farm or garment sweatshop might be in order. Why not take the kid to the morgue after the slaughterhouse tour. Oh and a stop at a crackhouse and a battered woman’s shelter might also help the youngsters get a better handle on all things real…

  20. from a PR standpoint, one might give Palin the benefit of the doubt… but seriously, she might stop and give her surroundings a bit more consideration before she goes on interviews that millions will end up watching

  21. Sarah Palin is a conservative woman. This isn’t supposed to happen. All women are supposed to be liberal. “Conservative Woman” does not compute in happy KoolAid land so Sarah must be trashed no matter what she does. Not because she’s stupid. Rather because she’s a “conservative woman”.

  22. I guarantee that Maggie Thatcher was never stupid enough to allow a photo op like Palin. Think what you will about Thatcher’s politics, she was a brilliant politician and damned smart…something no person with more than three brain cells would ever say about Palin. Palin takes dumb to a whole other level, politically and intellectually.

  23. I agree MsJ. Palin is all show – snap-crackle&pop, and no substance. She was a characterture, a joke. It was embarrassing to watch. This wasn’t a popularity contest; this mattered.

    That is the problem with a lot of the Republican party. They say a log of things, trying to portray themselves as the party of character, morals and values, and high ideals, but it is all wrapping. Buzzwords. Superficial with no substance. They are absolutely hypocritical, self-righteous and self-serving, and totally lacking in character and values.

    I can’t make that a blanket statement, because I have a lot of friends and acquaintances that are Republicans, but as far as politicians, I haven’t seen much that convinces me otherwise.

  24. I believe that this shot was controlled by Dick Cheney and the evil shadow government he controls from the basement of Wal-Mart. Palin is his “manchurian candidate.” We are all doomed.

  25. Littleriver1, I think you already said that..

    There are more ‘categories’ of women than just “Liberal or Conservative”..

    It’s more about who she is, what she says, and what she does (and how and why she does it).
    Unfortunately for her, she has done a lot of stupid things, said a lot of stupid things, and she set herself up for criticism and ridicule. And unfortunately for her, she doesn’t know when to stop.
    I don’t think she is stupid, as much as out of her depth and pretending to be far more knowledgeable, capable and competent than she is. Substance really does matter.
    I think a number of things she has DONE are stupid. That video rises to the top of the list.

  26. One of the things often overlooked in politics is that what you have to do to get yourself elected is not indicative at all of how well you’ll do the job once you get there. Being a good campaigner does not mean you’ll be a good governor (or mayor, or Senator, or Vice President). Sarah Palin knew how to get votes, but that doesn’t mean she knows how to govern. And she doesn’t. And that is why she should be opposed – she’s incompetent.

    Having said all that, I also believe that conservatives make poor government officials because they believe, by and large, that government is inherently a bad thing, and once they get into it, they do more to undermine it than they do to serve the people with it. They don’t get it.

  27. Littleriver1, there are many stupid liberal women too, I’m sure. The difference is they’d never make it onto the the Democratic presidential ticket. Oh but you don’t think Palin is dumb and you’re the base. That could be the problem.

  28. A former beauty queen doe’s not a VP make…Many on all side’s seek position’s beyond their mental reach simply by using their only asset, beauty.. Trouble is in the case of palin, she open’s her mouth and insert’s both feet while trying to spew hateful word’s to incite dumbass follower’s…..

    I respect or not people for what they do and say, in palins case she is nothing more than a trash speaking, worthless mother who is raising atleast 4 children to be the same..She will not get my respect….P.B.& J

  29. if we are going to play this game, might you define conservative? I think Ms Palin is trashed more for her moronic mannerisms and lack of preparation for the strage rather than her so so simplistic ideology

  30. B F D, of all the things going on these days, little minds are fast at work attempting to be something by offering useless crap like this. B F D.

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