What are YOU thankful for?

Today, Thanksgiving, has always been one of my favorite holidays of the year (along with the New Year), because, for me, Thanksgiving is about remembering all of the things that we have to be thankful for.

Today, I give thanks to the friends and family I have. I give thanks that I have a job, a home, and the best dog in the world.  I am enormously thankful that I have yet to have to worry about where my next meal comes from.

I am thankful that we dodged the Palin bullet and are on our way to being respected around the world again.

And, today, I give thanks for my association with each of you, whether I am blessed  with working with you at this blog, or reading your wonderful comments.

For all of these things, I am enormously thankful.

So, I ask you…what are YOU thankful for?

This is what “change” looks like

Just in case there was even the faintest glimmer of doubt that the incoming residents of the White House are something altogether different.

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

President-elect Barack Obama and his family spent an hour handing out chickens, potatoes, bread and other Thanksgiving food to poor families on Chicago’s South Side Wednesday morning after Obama introduced his latest economic advisors. Then he shook hands with Catholic grade school students ecstatic to see him.

Many of the poor and homeless — some of whom come for food every Wednesday — screamed in disbelief as they entered the parking lot of St. Columbanus church at 71st and Calumet Drive and realized the reason they had been wanded by the U.S. Secret Service was because Obama, his wife and daughters, were standing there ready to pass out the food usually handed out by volunteers.

“At Thanksgiving, it’s important for us to remember people in need,” Obama said. “They told me the number of people coming here is up 33 percent from last year.”

About 600 families got food, said Kate Maehr, executive director of the Greater Chicago Food Depository. That’s up from 270 families last year, said the Rev. Matt Eyerman.

This is the fourth year in a row Obama has handed out food before Thanksgiving. Last year, he did it in New Hampshire.

Obama said it was important to bring his daughters because, “I want them to know how fortunate they are and that they have to give back,” Obama said.

As he finished handing out the chickens, Obama turned and looked up at the windows of St. Columbanus School where the pre-K through 8th graders were furiously waving and screaming from their second- and third-floor windows, their screams barely audible through the closed windows.

“Hey Michelle, look,” he pointed as she waved back.

“We’ve got to go in there and say ‘hi’ to those kids,” he told his wife, much to the chagrin of the Secret Service, which frowns on spontaneity.

Video available here.

Maddow: “I’m ‘thankful’ Bush administration is ending”

This segment of the Rachel Maddow Show last night was amazing. Rachel put together a list of Bush officials that have been indicted or resigned abruptly.

This is a ‘don’t miss’.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Here is her list:

Former assistant to the President, Felipe Sixto, was charged with stealing from a Cuba-related nonprofit organization. Edgar Johnson who worked for the department of the interior and was charged with taking bribes. Julia McDonald, deputy assistant secretary at the department of the interior, resigned after an investigation found she gave government documents to lobbyists.

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Barbara Walters Interview with Barack Obama

I didn’t get a chance to see this last night, I was making Pumpkin Cheesecake.  I thought there might be others who missed watching it also. This is part I.

Part II of the interview.

Joe the Plumber will not fade away!

Cenk talks about Joe the Plumber’s book deal.  The Huffington Post has the details on Joe’s book.

It seems that Wurzelbacher has secured a book deal with PearlGate Publishing. Is this for the book that he’s been touting in advance of this deal on his website? Yes, apparently! (That website has a spiffy-new early 2000’s redesign by the way, but buyer beware! The cost of a “Freedom Membership” has just gone up by a dollar!)

The book is to be published December 1st, just in time for your Christmas shopping.  For myself, not even morbid curiosity could get me to buy that book.  Cenk also found an ad that Joe the Plumber is doing for VelocityStore.com.  I agree with him, it is very cheezy.