3 thoughts on “Let the Sunshine In

  1. I like the end where the crowd is singing outside the White House. Makes me think about January 20, 2009 when 4 million people will be singing and dancing in the streets as the boy Bush heads back to clear shrubs in Crawford Texas never to return to the White House and then an adult with extraordinary intelligence, Barack Obama, takes the oath of office for the President of the United States. It’s been a long time coming. It was the “revolutions” of the late ’60’s that made this win on November 4, 2008 possible.

  2. I always loved the music as a kid. I still have the CD. I had the original albums (including the 2nd one, with added music not in the play) and loved them both.

    I finally saw the play (my parents wouldn’t allow it when I was young) and while the first act was pretty slow, the 2nd act was so powerful I cried.

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