20 thoughts on “A gorgeous day on the Oregon coast

  1. db,
    I prefer sole. Lemon Sole is a favorite dish in the ‘TheMan” household. There is a local crabber who goes into the sole business from November to February. The grandmother keeps them alive in the crab tanks and does the sales.

  2. WaltTheMan:
    Do you know which species of sole they are getting? The whole common name thing is really screwy with the flatfish especially the sole, flounder, fluke triad

  3. muse,
    I only have to walk 900 feet from my house and have a similar view. In March, GD was here and grew impatient with her parents. We (Kay and I) managed to hear her as she opened the front door and averted a potential disaster.

  4. Since this crabber turned seasonal soleman must be local, I should be able to narrow it down. The problem is that the term applies to species of more than one family.

    Hi trueblue. You are far closer than I. I suppose you’d bitch if they wanted to anchor windmill offshore

  5. Hi db.
    We are both far away from the Oregon Coast.

    Are you talking about the windfarm off Nantucket?

    I am so for it. Renewable energy is always good, no matter where or what shore it’s off of.

    No work tonight?

  6. Yes. I was. I figured you were for it. I am too but I haven’t really researched it. I need to be in touch with the Sanctuary at Wellfleet regarding recent cold stunned turtles. Did you see anything in the papers or anything?

  7. Db,
    Yes, the exact breed may differ from Dover Sole, but, while the guy is local, he harvests from as far away as the Dominican Republic.
    The oysters he harvests range from the long flat ones to the really deep cup ones.

  8. Walt,

    What do oysters taste like? Can you chew them, or have to simply force them down your gullet?
    I’m not a seafood person (Irish Catholic – our idea of seafood is fish sticks)

  9. Although somewhat a function of variety, the shape of oydters is largely dependent upon the substarate upon which they grow. If memory serves long and narrow is more soft bottoms while broader and more cupped is harded bottom but I may be mistaken.

    I had a friend who photoed for them but he does no longer nor are we still friends

  10. tb,
    Fresh oysters taste like a dash of the sea. Much less poignant then fresh clams. You must take a nip out of each of them before they go down! Otherwise they will gnaw their way out of your stomach. The only cure if that starts to happen is an ounce of Tabasco Sauce. After that you may have problems with your next bowel movement if the oyster happened to be pregnant.

  11. db,
    My spouse is both Irish (Well half) and Catholic. She likes them breaded and deep fried. I generally do those in the three R months, starting in February as we get the fat bellies then.

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