Mr. Peabody & Sherman: History of Iraq

A history lesson starting back in 1953 to present.  Brilliant!

29 thoughts on “Mr. Peabody & Sherman: History of Iraq

  1. “We replaced a democracy with a monarchy based on primogeniture?”
    I don’t remember Sherman and Peabody talking like this when I was a kid.

    Now if we can only get the truth in the effed up history books, so future generations can learn from these mistakes.

  2. I have the whole Rocky & Bullwinkle series. I grew up with them. They are my favorite.

    I’m glad you enjoyed it Cats 🙂

  3. Thanks Wayne 🙂

    House of Roberts, the one that use to make me laugh also was “George of the Jungle” and “Snidely Whiplash”. Those were great cartoons.

    I don’t remember the little spacemen….

  4. Freedomrebel,
    Snidely Whiplash was the villain of Dudley Doo-Right?
    Wasn’t Dudley the middle cartoon on the Underdog show? Or was that Go Go Gophers?

  5. I’ll got some old vhs tapes of Beeny and Cecil around here somewhere and a Tom Slick tape as well but I really treasure my Ant and the Aardvark tape. Rumor has it that a rental place in a nearby town has all of the episodes of Lidsville but I haven’t had a chance to look into that just yet

  6. HoR,

    Yes, Snidely Whiplash was always tying up Dudley Doright’s girlfriend, Nell, Fenwick, to the railroad tracks forcing Dudley to race to the scene on his trusty horse, Horse.

    (See more here.)

    Yes, Dudley was part of the Jay Ward series of cartoons (along with Fractured fairy tales).

    Go-Go-Gophers, along with Commander McBragg and Klondike Kat, were part of the Underdog series of cartoons. (See more here.)

    And I confess that while I did watch them all avidly as a kid, I had to use The Google to get straight which ones were with which series.

  7. Wayne,
    I never knew who John Byner was until a show on Showtime’s early years called “Bizarre”. Part of his talent was doing impressions.
    I figured it wasn’t Dean Martin doing the Ant’s voice, and on your link in the comments they said the Aardvark sounded like Jackie Mason, not Art Carney. both are close to the same.
    They were on the Pink Panther show.

  8. HoR, sorry my computer was acting up again. Wayne is right on the money. I also liked Dudley Do Right’s horse.

    I use to laugh so hard when George of the Jungle would smack into the tree. I went to a Rocky and Bullwinkle festival about 12 to 14 years ago downtown. They had all the cartoons at the festival, even Mr. Peabody and Sherman. What a great blast from the past.

  9. Hi Shayne 🙂 I hope you had a good Thanksgiving! I’m working on getting everything ready for my daughter to come home. I have been painting and fall cleaning like crazy. I need a vacation now, LOL…

  10. House, I have an HP Pavilion that we had them build with the specs we wanted. ie. a large hard-drive, bigger monitor, upgraded RAM, larger video storage, the works. I will never buy another HP again.

    I’m getting a MAC next time, (I’m pretty sure that is what we finally decided on) we just haven’t had time to get it. We have been remodeling big time for months.

  11. I’m running an HP, Pentium 4, and about once every couple of days I have to restart to clear a graphics glitch, is that what yours does?

  12. Muse, my husband wants to get them because of the reliability and the operating system. He agrees with you. I personally have never used one, so I’m in for some serious learning tutorials once we get it. Hopefully, since I’m a fast learner it won’t take me to long.

    We aren’t going to use Microsoft operating systems anymore. Too many glitches. They refuse to go back and fix all of the problems. My husband is certified on all of their systems. He has never liked their software. The new Vista, is a complete mess. IT managers around the US are constantly complaining about it.

    I hope you had fun with all your company 🙂

  13. I was going to suggest you keep the temp file cleared, but he would already know about that if it would help you.
    A couple of months ago mine wanted to update to service pack 3 and I declined it. I checked and it is worse than keeping SP2. I also use IE6, because IE7 is a mess. I have Firefox for certain applications.
    I will have to buy something pretty soon because new bells and whistles come up all the time. I may go with a Mac after I verify some compatibility with my peripherals.

  14. House of Roberts, that is part of the problem. The other part is the Microsoft Operating system. We have to defrag the computer too much because of it. Every little thing causes it either to run slower or completely shutdown now.

    We paid a fortune for this thing, I’m very disappointed. I have never had this many problems with a computer.

    We buy a new computer usually every two or three years because of the type of work my husband does. I have had everything computer brand out there.

    He gets a new laptop with this company now, every 6 months. That helps and the kids loved that we had to update so much because they have never been without a decent computer. We would get them the latest video card and update the RAM before we gave it to them, so they could run their computer games.

  15. HoR, I did finally download Firefox for some applications myself. That has helped.

    I never heard any mention about the service packs, I will have to ask him if that is part of the problem also. Thank you.

  16. I am the writer/performer of this video. TheSexyPatriot stole it without attributing it to me. Now that I and others have called her on it, she is attributing it to a poli sci prof at UW (her home state.)

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