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“Random chance seems to have operated in our favor” — Spock
“In plain, non-Vulcan English, we’ve been lucky” — McCoy
“I believe I said that, Doctor” — Spock
(The Doomsday Machine)

The memories!

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12 thoughts on “Open Thread

  1. Good Morning all from your resident witch of the west….It is as cold as a, never mind..26 degree’s out side and with much effort now 62 indoor’s…Had to crank up a propane burner on the stove this morning to get it above 50…

    The sun is out and may go out again to take picture’s….Oso was off leash and running free before day light…He love’s the snow…A rare treat for him not to have to pull me around…A rare treat for me not to be pulled in the ice and snow….

    Sending all warm thought’s and many Blessings.

  2. Hi Witch1! Good to hear you’re still “on the air”, after the snow fell.
    I believe the phrase you wanted was “cold as a well digger’s ass”. I sincerely hope we don’t have any offended well diggers out there. Dogs love being off the leash, and not a danger from the traffic.

  3. Just seen on CNN at a news conference in Iraq, a man pulled off his shoes and threw them at Bush from maybe twenty five to thirty feet away, nearly succeeding in hitting the president. Bush had to duck to avoid the shoes hurled at him.
    Throwing your shoe at someone is considered one of the greatest insults in Iraqi culture.

  4. Here is a link for the shoe throwing incident. In this link the thrower is called unidentified, in others he is referred to as an Iraqi journalist.

    • There’s a thread about the shoe incident on TP. Naturally, that fuckwit Daryll has sown up to opine that the shoe thrower should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

      This took place at a news conference — there must be video somewhere.

  5. Back at ya houseofroberts, I was going to say as cold as a witch’s tit, mine aren’t ofcourse but was afraid I would offend someone….LOL….Now it’s so cold here don’t care…Been watching the NWCN coverage of this winter blast and they are showing a great deal of Oregon’s freeway’s and mess from this storm…Hope all our Oregon poster’s are warm, safe and dry…

    Our local forcaster’s are saying it will be a cold spell like we had in the early 70’s here…Not liking the sound of that much, remember packing hot water from the house to all the stock in 5 gallon bucket’s…I had mink and pig’s…600 frozen watering cup’s had to be thawed on their cage’s twice a day using a soup ladel…The pig’s tank used 20 gallon’s twice a day…I didn’t go to my day job away from home for over 10 day’s during that winter blast…

    My tap has been on a trickle since yesterday morning…Sadly I can’t do weather, a witch thing..

    Wish the shoe’s would of connected with bush’s head….Funny so little is being said about his trip in the new’s…There’s sure a lot about rove, cheney and the rest of the evil bunch though..

    And your weather is good, right.?……Blessings

  6. Witch1, my weather is so much better I wish I could send you some. Highs for the week are predicted in the 60s and lows in the 50s. Of course, that means rain every day until it can get cold again.
    I wish Nwmuse would let us know if her daughter got home OK. Or else stayed put. I just looked at a web cam of the Santiam Pass she had to drive through to get home. It looks bad. The blizzard supposedly put up to two feet of snow there. Maybe she got through ahead of the bad stuff.

  7. Back again houseofroberts, I hope she let’s us know all is well also….

    If your out there Lady Muse please drop us a post…Blessings

  8. Witch1, it’s cold down here in Portland and scheduled to get much colder — and the cold spell may last all week. Snow outside is pretty right now, but if we get anything nasty on top of it later this week, which is apparently a possibility, things will turn bad fast.

  9. Hope all is well for you gummitch, been watching the new’s all day and it look’s like we, you and I are in for some miserable weather….Very cold here, was pretty today but never got above 28 even with the sun out…Keep us posted…..Blessings

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